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Conference with Lyssa Royal
November 23, 1997

[Note: The following has been adapted from an online conference in the CompuServe UFO Forum.]

Lyssa: We as humans have become accustomed to perceiving reality as objective. If two people standing side by side look into the sky and only one sees a balloon, then we assume that one must be right and one must be wrong in their perceptions. We have no room for any perception that might be based on the true nature of the universe, which is subjective.

Here is a little illustration to help explain the nature of human reality, as well as the realities toward which we are evolving. Imagine that a little bird (representing we humans) is standing upon a line. He looks at his feet, sees the line, and recognizes it as expressing linearity -- past, present, and future. This line defines his reality. He feels safe within the boundaries because nothing is unknown.

Perhaps one day the bird decides to fly around. As he flies even just a short distance above the line (which defines his reality) he is startled to discover that the line is curved! It isn't straight at all! The belief to which he once held so rigidly must now be relinquished. Time and space (and expressions of past, present, and future) must now conform to a curved reality paradigm. For a while, he lives with this perception until he senses that there may be more.

The bird becomes even more curious, so he flies higher. As he flies higher, he is even more startled to realize that his new perspective of reality (curvature) was partially incomplete. From a higher perspective he realizes that the line once straight and then curved, is now a circle! This means that reality itself (time and space) must also reflect that circular nature. He begins to comprehend that the cycle of the seasons (as an example) is an expression of an even greater truth, and that many ideas (such as past, present, and future) exist simultaneously.

Even more curious, the bird flies to the highest point he is able. He is startled to see that the circle is actually a spiral! He realizes that reality isn't just a circle in which beings are doomed to experience the same things over and over, but that being a spiral, seasons of experience occur that gradually evolve one to other places upon the spiral.

The bird viewing the limitations of a line under his feet has represented the human view of reality for a very long time. It becomes so pervasive and limited that humans convince themselves that nothing else exists. They do not know how to recognize experience beyond that limited paradigm. If experience is forced upon them, they interpret to suit the limitations of linear reality. (This has been labeled third density).

Humans are at the point right now where they are beginning to recognize the curvature of the line. The whole implications of this recognition have not occurred yet. Right now it is a curiosity that has not been applied to the linear paradigm. That time is coming soon. (This is the transition point from third density to fourth).

Many humans who have journeyed through meditation or sacred herbs have been able to fly, like the bird, to greater heights than linear or curved reality. The above represents the stages of consciousness evolution of a species. There are always those who journey ahead of the masses. They are the pioneers.

Humans are moving toward a new and complete paradigm of reality which is symbolized by the circle. In this paradigm, a recognition will occur about the nature of time and space being circular or seasonal. This would be fourth density reality. As the perceptions of the circle are explored, it will eventually evolve to becoming a sphere.

As consciousness is explored further, it begins to realize that the circle is really a spiral and that experience is never repeated but that all experience evolves one to a higher and higher state of being. The geometrical representation of the nature of this reality (fifth density, which is nonphysical) is that of the Golden Mean Spiral (GMS).

The GMS frequency permeates all realities and keeps us connected to the Source. However, it is only with expanded consciousness can one perceive its essence. The GMS frequency is common to all life forms. It is the common ground upon which all interdimensional communication may be based. Humans may generate a simulated GMS frequency from physical reality using a variety of techniques. Whatever the technique, it must be based on a joint integration between three human
components: Thought, Emotion, and Action. These three components (T-E-A) are symbolized in the light spectrum by blue, green, and red. When these three components are totally integrated, they create the white light. When these integrated components are projected upon the carrier wave of the Golden Mean Spiral, interdimensional communication becomes possible.

From a physical point of view, how can humans generate a GMS (upon which to piggyback the TEA) which is an expression of higher levels of reality beyond the physical? In physical reality there is an approximation of the GMS called the Fibonacci spiral, based on the Fibonacci mathematical sequence. One may use the Fibonacci sequence to simulate the GMS close enough for success in interdimensional communications. Of course, the more highly-evolved the human race, the closer we can approximate the GMS, and the easier interdimensional communication can become.

In the contact work I have done out in the field, I have been given components of contact protocol that have achieved wonderful--though unexpected--results. Three years ago I was given a technique that expresses the Thought-Emotion-Action (TEA) idea stated above using blue, green and red lights. More recently I have been given a very simple technique based on the Fibonacci that created remarkable results in Japan. However, I have never been able to piece them together until now.

I have been shown how to use these techniques together to begin altering the consciousness enough to achieve interdimensional communication. They missing key has been the heart.

There are scientists at present (Mr. Dan Winter, to name one) who are doing research into the sacred geometry counterparts of emotional frequencies by measuring emotional frequencies through computers in a type of biofeedback experiment. It has been found that the sacred geometry counterpart of the emotion of pure love (heart frequency) is the gold mean spiral!

Over the last few months I have been doing research in the field by attempting to use the Fibonacci sequence as a type of training wheels which allows a research group to begin resonating with the heart frequency enough to then jump into the golden mean frequency. The theory is that if we as a group can be all resonating to the GMS frequency, we can bridge time and space and enter that common ground, that universal frequency upon which all life can communicate -- even over vast differences.

I've been doing this through a type of meditation which I can teach during this conference, but it does require practice and a certain level of adeptness at spiritual and emotional focusing. All indications are that it can work profoundly as we become more adept.

Therefore this "heart frequency" that we have all heard discussed is not some new age abstract concept, but in fact an actual, measurable frequency that can be utilized for the process of interdimensional (and extraterrestrial communication). We are just in the beginning stages of this research but so far, the results have been encouraging.

I need to stress something very important. I am not interested in (nor capable of) generating a mass UFO sighting seen by all. As stated above, contact is based on the truth of the greater reality, which is subjectively perceived by individuals. There are countless cases of groups of people witnessing anomalous events and only some of the people having experiences while others see nothing. Pretty lights in the sky and structured craft at close range are wonderful byproducts of doing contact work that only sometimes happen. They are often quite distracting from the actual contact going on. Contact is not about calling space ships, though that can happen. Contact is about meeting and interacting with other life forms, and sometimes this happens during states of consciousness not validated by the human ego personality. These other life forms may be humanoid like us, or they
may be so different from us you might not even recognize their presence.

I will stop here and begin a dialogue with you at this point. We can get into specifics as the conference unfolds. Are there comments or questions?

Question: Could you be a little more specific on the types of contact? Is contact in dreams possible?

Lyssa: Contact in dreams is absolutely possible. My research indicates that the human brain wave states dictate the type of reality we experience. Therefore, the delta brainwave state is active during sleep and ETs find it easier to communicate with us during that state than in our waking state called beta. The other two states are equally important: Alpha, which is our meditative, daydreaming state, and theta, which is deep meditation and an altered state of consciousness we have difficulty maintaining. These are the easiest brain wave frequencies that many evolved ETs can match.

Question: What can we do to more fully develop the delta brain wave state?

It is not so much to that we should develop delta, but rather we should loosen the controls our ego has on the beta brain wave state. Much of this is discussed in my book Preparing for Contact, but I would say that one of the most important things is to be aware of when you automatically invalidate possible contact experiences that occur in anything but the waking, conscious state.

Question: How does your contact work relate to contact with fairies, devas, nature spirits? You did mention many kinds of beings.

In our contact work we do not differentiate between beings that are interdimensional or extraterrestrial because we simply try to reach a common ground upon which all consciousness can meet. It becomes obvious that consciousness is more similar than dissimilar. Often during contact work we don't even know whether the communication we are receiving is offplanet or not, and
we have learned that ultimately it doesn't matter.

Question: You spoke of meditations. I was with my group of friends in another country and we did a meditation and were confronted by a group of ETs. Is this becoming more active through just meditation or by all different techniques used? You touched a nerve here because the fourth dimension was spoken of at that time!

Through meditation we humans are able to bypass the conscious mind. In doing so, we enter a universal stream of consciousness. When we do that we find communication is very easy. Formal meditation is not necessarily important, but learning to access that universal frequency is the key to communicating with all consciousness. So, I do think contact itself is becoming more widespread. Either that, or we are learning to transcend the human limitations and perceiving what has been
there all along.

Question: Are you talking about astral travel and have you read the books A Soul's Journey, Dancing in the Light, or any Edgar Cayce?

The books I am familiar with regarding astral travel are the Robert Monroe books such as Journeys Out of the Body. I am not specifically talking about astral travel. I'm talking more about a frequency that we all possess within us which leads us to a certain state of consciousness. Perhaps the eastern mystics had different words for it such as samadhi. In new age thought it is often called the heart frequency, which is a common thread that binds us all together.

This state of consciousness I am referring to cannot be achieved through the mind, but actually through the heart.

Question: What frequency is it resonating at and how do we measure it?

In terms of the specific scientific information, I would refer you to the work of Dan Winter who has done a great body of research on the geometrical counterparts of emotion. You would find it corresponds geometrically to the Golden Mean Spiral. [Note: Since this conference we have researched the answer to this question. The heart frequency is at approximately 40hz.]

Question: Lyssa, I've had two very profound and life changing experiences in separate dreams, but I awakened before the dreams ended, leaving me with two complete mysteries that have almost become obsessions now. Is there any way to plant a thought or idea before sleep in order to finish the dream? Or is it perhaps that my guests deliberately left me with these mysteries and intend on finishing the dreams at a later date when I am more capable of understanding?

I think it is both. People have had success with requesting further information as they go to sleep each night. I would suggest that if you do this and make your request a deeply emotional one, it could succeed. I have always found that for me personally I will never get an answer if it is not the right time. This has been proven to me over and over in my contact work.

Question: Do you find that all means of contact is on the rise these days? And if yes, do you have an explanation for that?

Yes, I do believe that is true and to be honest, I'm not sure whether it is an increase in contact or an increased ability on the part of humans to perceive what has been going on all along.

Question: From your viewpoint, is making contact with ETs something that all of us should strive for? If so, why? Is there any particular protective function in being aware or in touch?

No, I do not think it is necessarily important for everyone to do this. For those of us who are motivated, I think it is important because it affects the entire planetary consciousness. I tend to take a Jungian perspective on things--meaning that I see whatever is occurring around us as being intimately connected to what is going on within us. So, if we strive to make contact with any form of consciousness (and we do it from a place of curiosity and love and a desire for growth) then in effect, we trigger a healthy, dynamic form of transformation within our own consciousness. I see the ETs as being secondary. Our own personal growth process as individuals, and as a planet, is of paramount importance.

Regarding being concerned about attracting a negative intelligence, we have found over and over in our research that the old adage "like attracts like" is absolutely true. If you are focused in the heart and your intentions for the contact are pure, you will only draw to you a contact that is neutral, or positive. Speaking for myself and my research group (and many other research groups I've known worldwide) there has never yet been a contact of a negative nature. The only negativity has been from humans [interfering in our research].

Question: You said contact is done more from the heart than from the mind. Does this mean that those with cognitive impairments (like mental retardation) can make contact?

Interesting you should ask that question. My stepbrother is mentally retarded due to a lack of oxygen during birth. He reports an incredible meeting with Jesus when he was a child! And, he is incapable of lying. So yes, I think contact is possible for anyone who has a heart!

Question: Could you tell us about the exercise you mentioned?

For the thought-emotion-intent exercise, I will refer you to [Royal Priest Research's video Preparing for Contact and for the Fibonacci technique I will refer you to audio tape #186 from the Los Angeles Contact Workshop. We hope to upload this information at some point in the future.]

Question: Would you say that the reason man is bound to earth is because of his thinking. Every time man grows he escapes gravity, expands his mind.

Yes, I would say that is true. I also feel that the judgment and negativity that we place on each other and ourselves keep us from merging with the greater reality. So, the idea of learning to love the self is a very real concept that, when mastered, will liberate us more than we realize.

Question: Would you say that the GMS works on the five sacred solids in the aetheric body of man?

All of the geometry plays an important part in this. I wish I could say this was my field of expertise, but it is not. However, the GMS is a thread that runs through all life, and therefore all geometry.

Let me now talk about the Fibonacci technique. If we imagine that the golden mean spiral is an expression of the spiritual realms or the nonphysical world, there must then be a 3D counterpart. The GMS has an infinite beginning and an infinite end. We have difficulty conceiving of this concept with our linear mind. The 3D counterpart is the Fibonacci, which has a finite beginning and
an infinite end. That concept is so much easier for us to imagine with our linear minds. If we can use the Fibonacci like training wheels to be able to hook us up into the 4D counterpart, which is the GMS, then we have an amazing tool that can assist us in
our contact work.

A South African man became very excited about these ideas after I had done a workshop there in Cape Town. He composed a music tape based on the Fibonacci sequence. This is the music tape that I have been using in the field with research groups. It helps the group move up into that universal heart frequency. [This is tape #181.] The music tape alone is not enough. Through
the information I have been given from my contact sources, they have told me how to use that tape. They have suggested a very simple exercise.

While playing the tape, sit comfortably and begin doing deep breathing. Begin spiraling the body clockwise [in order to create a counterclockwise energy field.] You can make large or small spirals. While doing this, think of something beautiful. Beauty is a way that allows humans to open the heart in a nonthreatening manner. The longer you are able to maintain this state, the more you will be able to train yourself to achieve it at will without the exercise.

The first time I did this exercise was in Japan in June of 1997. It created an amazing contact experience for the group. For all intents and purposes it looked as if we had no contact experiences at all. We did not even see a plane fly overhead. It was only accidentally discovered the next morning that over 50% of the group, while sitting in meditation with their eyes closed, felt a
person walk through their group. They heard the shoes on the gravel, they felt the person brush by their body and rustle their clothes. They felt the person lay hands on them as if doing energy work. The experience was so physically tangible to the group that they simple assumed I had walked through the group and was the one they perceived. However my interpreter and myself
did not leave the place where we were sitting. Furthermore, my eyes were open through the whole guided meditation and I saw nothing.

So, there appears to be an overlay of realities. Over 50%, with their eyes closed and in an altered state of consciousness, experienced something very real and tangible. Yet two other people (the interpreter and myself) saw nothing. I think this explains the apparent discrepancies in contact reports.

You do not need the music tape to do this but it is easier.

Question: Do you think we should say a prayer before the exercise for protection?

I would suggest that you do whatever prayer or ritual you feel comfortable with. For my group, and myself we know that the heart frequency itself is like a prayer--no one of a dissimilar or negative frequency could interact with us. It is important that you do whatever you are comfortable with.

Question: Lyssa, I just want to thank you for your interesting work. I've read your books, and they've always had a ring of truth to me. Keep seeking, and reporting your finds! Good luck!

Thank you for your support, and your words. I encourage everyone who has an interest in this field to do their own research and to even explore ideas that may sound crazy at first. We're all pioneers, and we all have something uniquely important to

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