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Conference with Lyssa Royal
August, 1996

[Note: The following is an excerpt from CompuServe's UFO Forum during an online conference with Lyssa Royal.]

Moderator: Welcome to tonight's conference with special guest Lyssa Royal Holt. Lyssa is the author of Visitors from Within, Preparing for Contact, and The Prism of Lyra. She holds a B.A. in psychology and is an internationally known channel, author, and lecturer from Arizona.

Lyssa recently returned from a trip to the UK, touring the crop formations, and has also traveled to Egypt and Mexico in her research. Lyssa has a CSETI working group in Phoenix, Arizona, and has done many workshops around the country and world on Preparing for Contact.

Lyssa would like to discuss her latest crop circle research, the connections with ET contact, the importance of grass roots ET contact programs, impact of ETs as depicted in the media, and more. Welcome Lyssa!

Thank you all for being here. I love doing these forums, they are great fun. I encourage all of you to ask whatever questions you wish to ask. I'd like to get as in depth as we can. To start with, there is a feeling in the air that we've reached a turning point. This turning point seems to be marked by the movie Independence Day. For me personally, my first visit to England and seeing the crop circles really drove home the reality of the phenomenon. One would think that since I work with it all the time that I already believe it, so to speak. But, nothing beats experiencing tangible evidence--anomalous phenomena-- to get your mind juices rolling.

Today I would like to discuss many different subjects on the order of the following: Where do we go from here now that there seems to be more openness, even in the form of fiction? What is happening in England and what are the ramifications of those experiences for mankind? How can we begin to take responsibility for the contact phenomenon as individuals and as committed
groups? These are just some basic questions but we can start from there and then go deeper if we want. I certainly do feel that we have a responsibility to handle this "coming out" of UFO information in a responsible fashion without adding to all the fear and paranoia and disinformation that is out there. This means that we have to be very, very discerning in what we choose to believe and to spread to other people. It means that we look at the whole of mankind and the future of ET contacts as what is at stake.

We are truly at a turning point in history and in a place where we can create history by how we handle this delicate subject matter. It is obvious that if left to the governments, it won't be handled in a way that would make us proud. Do we want secrecy to rule our lives into the 21st century? These are just some questions, rhetorical they may be, for you to chew on a bit. So, why don't we jump in with both feet and start with questions and comments?

Question: Having just returned from the UK, do you believe the British government is involved in a cover-up?

I don't believe they are involved in a cover-up any more than any other government is! Even though I have been to the UK I don't know enough about their government and their history with the ET phenomenon to give you an educated answer to that question. However, it does seem to me that there is a force greater than an individual that seems to be orchestrating [the release of] this ET information planetwide. I hate to admit that, but it really seems to be true. I think the reason for the lack of the release of information, on a very basic human level, has more to do with our slowness at dealing with phenomena we don't understand. We like everything put in a box for us and when it doesn't fit in that box, we have to find other ways to digest it.

Question: Why do you say "no more than any other government?" And, what evidence is there of this orchestration and international manipulation?

When you have situations like the alien autopsy TV show being released in several countries all over the world within the same few days . . . that sure seems orchestrated to me! (Germany, Australia, the USA, and Japan, to name a few).

Question: One of the main themes of your book "Preparing for Contact" is the reintegration of the various parts of ourselves internally -- the idea that we must do inner work before we are really ready for meaningful contact. You said that you sense a turning point is at hand. (Hope you don't take this too personally, ;-) but can you tell us a little bit about how you see this change occurring in your own life, in the sense that what is without is a reflection of what is within?

I sense the turning point has to do with the fragmentation of our own consciousness as individuals which is reflected in the mass consciousness as well. When you have a "body" that begins releasing its secrets (even in a fictionalized way) that frees up energy for the integration to take place. Secrets are like big roadblocks, and when there are too many in the way, a being cannot move forward into evolution. Once they begin being released, the force released for change is tremendous. I suspect
that this is true for people as well, even though you don't see the results yet (or maybe we haven't learned to recognize them). I suspect we are freeing tremendous energy within ourselves (and our mass consciousness) to use for transformation.

Question: Don't you think that more and more people and groups will learn to have telepathic contact with ETs?

Yes, more people are becoming more telepathic, but yet again, if there are too many "secrets" in the way, you can't have smooth communication. It really all boils down to personal evolution, which affects planetary evolution. We can't escape that we're all connected.

So your sense of this being a turning point -- does this mean you sense that many people have made significant progress towards this reintegration? It seems psoriatic to me at best!

I do believe so, yes. Otherwise, we could not have had a blockbuster movie (as an example) disclosing these "secrets" even in a fictionalized way. I know it seems psoriatic, but the evolutionary process is not linear, so we can't delineate steps to follow. It kind of unwinds wherever it can.

Did you or the CSETI group establish real contact in terms of boarding a ship or on a personal level, or do you have any indication that it will happen in the near future? And, do you believe we are dealing with a group of aliens that work together or do they all have their own agendas?

If you've read my book Preparing for Contact this answer may make more sense. Our brain wave states and the brain wave states of the ETs are so different. The reality we deem to be the "real" one is ego-dominated and anything that happens outside of the ego-dominated realm is considered pure fantasy by society and even by ourselves. So yes, I believe that CSETI (and other groups) have already had successful boardings. However, because our brain waves shift during the contact process and we leave the ego-dominated realm (that dominates memory), we "wake up" and seem to have lost our memories of contact. Then the question becomes, "How can we access these memories or experiences?" My research team has been trying to do this through dream states, synchronous dreaming, and other tools that can tell us if a contact has happened outside of that
ego-dominated realm. So yes, I do think it has already happened, but in terms of it happening in our ego state, it is not likely. It is a process of our own evolution to get us less anchored to the ego. Then, the real contact begins.

The common question people ask at this point is, "Why do some contactees like Billy Meier remember their experiences?" My research indicates that either the contactee is "wired" differently (less ego-dominated), or the ETs themselves are lesser evolved and can somehow match our brain wave states. Pretty far out stuff, hmm?

Regarding the ETs, my research indicates that there are pockets of ET contact teams (like the one I work with led by Sasha, a Pleiadian, whom I channel) and there are some others who operate independently. However, even though some of them work separately, it seems most have a common goal at heart.

Question: What do you think about the idea that ETs are often beings from our future and therefore must be careful because they are concerned with screwing with the space/time continuum? Could they be why they seem to be in on the cover-up? (I don't think all of them are from the future).

Personally, I don't believe that there is only one time line, so the idea of screwing up the future doesn't work here. For instance, Sasha has said that she comes from 300 or so years in the future. People ask her then, "What happens in the 21st century?" She has answered that her past may be different from our future. It is all a matter of what we make it and that there are many threads of reality to experience. I never used to understand all this stuff, but while in the channeling state I experience nonlinearity firsthand and I can finally understand it.

I think that the ETs truly respect the fact that we must make our own choices. They seem to think there are severe ramifications on them "karmically" if you will, to mess with another species' time line.

You mention "secrecy" often. Is it futile to hope for governments on a worldwide level to admit that this phenomenon as a whole is inherently noncontrollable? Further, could it be said that ego-dominated mankind must be approached on a grassroots level, bypassing those organizations who maintain the status quo?

It is going to seem like I am not addressing the question directly, but I think the point is that we shouldn't wait for the governments to acknowledge it. So what if they do? Will it change anything? How can we trust them even if they did? Paradigm shifts happen WITHOUT government intervention! Yes, I believe strongly in your last comment. The grass roots level always
gets the job done. I'm on my soap box a bit!

Question: Do you have any ideas about the progression of ET contact?

After spending time in the crop circles this summer [1996], it seems like we can use the circles to gauge how the contact phenomenon is progressing. Again, this phenomenon is not linear and so it is frustrating, but it seems like the following is happening:

*Secrecy is falling away
*More people are being contacted
*More people are remembering contact
*More people are going out in the field initiating contact from a place of love rather than fear
*More people who are having "abduction" experiences are using those experiences as tools for their own growth, thus transforming the fear
*More people are gathering evidence
*More people are speaking openly

Should I go on? :) If I were an ET, I'd surmise the following: Planet Earth is beginning to open to the idea of contact. Earth is throwing away the trash (secrets) so they can truly see what's there. Humans are reaching out to ETs. The list goes on. Sasha says we are ripe. But, it is like an unwinding coil and we're not done unwinding yet.

Question: Isn't it interesting that Independence Day portrayed ETs as murderous?

I suspect that it represents our own dark selves that need to be purged as we look into the unknown. I was amazed (and pleased) that the focus was not on the ETs, but on the humans who banded together in bravery and pride.

Question: Other movies have been made in the past with similar plots. Why do you think this represents a turning point?

It has to do with the timing. If you look at the TV and all the shows on now, there is a force building in the mass consciousness. Even though the TV show Encounters and others have done segments on Area 51, it still wasn't really mainstream. ID4 was mainstream! I think ID4 is a piece of the puzzle that other movies and TV shows helped to create. It is all connected. I didn't mean to pick ID4 out to the exclusion of all others.

Question: Speaking of CSETI, what techniques do you use in trying to initiate contact? Lights, sounds, etc.? What do you see in the future for contact? And why does everything seem to be in the form of a triangle?

I am a member of CSETI (the Arizona coordinator) so I do use their techniques, which include light, sound, and thought. However, I have the advantage (at least I think so :) of being able to channel so my contact Sasha gives me all sorts of new ideas to use out in the field. I use the lights, but Sasha has given me an exercise using colored lights (red, green, blue) and a certain sequence for flashing them. She says that his process helps to integrate the forces of thought, emotion, and action within the human. She says the lights are not the magic, but the internal work is the magic.

I just finished creating a video that teaches this technique because so far, it has been so successful. We have had CE-5s nearly 80% of the time during the six months of using it. And yes, I am particularly fond of triangles -- the red, green, blue idea works on the 3 sets of 3 principle that she stresses frequently.

By the way, I was amazed to hear that Whitley Strieber heard the same information (the knocks in 3 sets of 3) with his contacts. Anyway, we attempt to use the triangles in the field in whatever way we can. Sasha has said that there is a universal template based on three. One polarity, it's opposite, and the integration of the two making the third point. Since this is a universal template, it can be used as a universal foundation for communication.

Question: How can we get that tape?

For the video, click here to take you to the Video List on our homepage. The video is called The Preparing for Contact Field Training Guide. For information on the audio tapes of the Fibonacci music series and how to use it in the field to initiate contact, see tapes #181, #183, and #186 listed on our homepage under Audio Tapes . Sorry to sound like a salesman, but many people ask!

Question: I think that the point you made about time not being linear but simultaneous is of extreme importance for us to understand if we are going to venture into the multidimensions. Everything that is going to happen is happening, it is only a question of learning how to enter into that dimension. We have to train ourselves to understand what reality is all about. Many experiences are happening in a different realm, and we think it is only here. If we understand this, we will understand the so-called aliens. Sasha is a smart lady! The internal work we have to do is of extreme importance as space doesn't exist. It is just an illusion. We have to go within, instead.

I couldn't have said it better myself! The first place we need to look is within ourselves. If we lose track of that, we get lost in a maze of illusions.

Question: The theory of a pre-life agreement between aliens and abductees has been presented a lot. Was that info channeled and how does that fit in a mutual learning process? It seems that I agree with you on a lot of things but that doesn't make sense for me. It sounds more like a form of escapism -- a way out of a complex problem that we have yet to solve instead of ignore.

The concept of a prebirth agreement really pushes a lot of buttons for some people I've spoken to, because it makes them feel like they are just puppets. I look at it this way: I must have known what I was doing when I set up this life before I was born from a bird's eye perspective. But while I'm here now, I am free to make my life what I want it to be. This keeps the responsibility back on us. It doesn't become escapism, or an easy way out to play the victim role. This is what I try to express
in some of the books and tapes. If, for instance, we are abductees, instead of getting tangled up in the fear, I should ask myself, "How can I use this experience to further my growth?" So what if it is a prebirth agreement? I am living in the now. What can I do NOW? That is really what counts. Too many people actually use the prebirth excuse to keep themselves from evolving!

Question: The problem remains that there was force used. If we close our eyes to that, what next?

It comes down to this: Nothing exists outside of us. We can make at least two choices in this life. Do we want to believe that we create our reality? Or, do we want to believe that we can be victims to the will of another? Each of us has to decide which statement we are going to believe. Once we choose the one by which we wish to live, then reality starts to shape itself to that statement. If one wishes to stop being a victim, then they MUST change their premise by which they live. There is no getting around that one. This doesn't mean that there aren't "bogeymen" out there, but it does mean that you'll be more obvious bait with a premise that you are a victim. I am cutting to the chase here because I feel this is a KEY to personal power and freedom on this planet. We MUST stop blaming everyone else for what happens to us.

Question: Do you feel that everything we are seeing on television (especially the frequency of these shows as well as all the movies) could be indirectly motivated by the government to try and start raising the consciousness of Americans to what will be coming?

Yes, I do agree with that statement but I do want to define "government" for a moment. It is my belief that it isn't the "government" per se, but whatever planetary forces are guiding our development -- be they "positive" or "negative". Clinton certainly isn't doing this! Think for a moment about the recent announcement about life on Mars. Whomever is shaping this has
gone very far back in an evolutionary time line to begin grooming us for the inevitable "they are out there" speech. It is kind of fun to watch!

Question: You say that "we" create our own reality (which I agree with) but isn't that down the line? Enmasse ... our thoughts create the movies. We are being enlightened because it is happening to us individually. It is the way everything works. We as a planet create everything that happens here.

Yes, but we have to start with making choices on a personal basis about what we wish to experience. Reality follows down the line. However, most people forget they have a choice and a say in the matter!

Question: Could it be that the powers that are here today wanted a gradual awareness to a presence that has been here for some time, and that the last few years have been an onramp to this particular highway?

Truly well said. I think so, yes.

Question: Please tell us about your trip to England to study the crop circles.

I'll give a brief summary of what happened when we were in England. Many of you have read the report [on my homepage called Crop Circle Report, July 1996 ]. We got there shortly after the DNA helix at Alton Barnes was formed. It is quite extraordinary and we got to do nighttime fieldwork inside the formation. One night we had anomalous sounds appear and one
of our members had his room key in his camera bag. The key was bent mysteriously at a 90-degree angle! We were playing signals on a walkie and we received answering signals through the walkie while the walkie's transmit button was depressed and in the sending mode. (You should only be able to receive signals while it is in the reception mode.) The highlight was that 7 group members (myself not included) went back into the formation and heard a sound they described as follows: "If Hollywood made a UFO movie, this is the sound they would use to depict the UFO". It was as loud as a car horn and the sound stretched the length of the crop formation. My research group here in Arizona has been obsessed with using the Fibonacci mathematic sequence out in the field for our work. We hoped we could use it in England, but we never did. While at Stonehenge, Shari Adamiak (from CSETI) and I were discussing the Fibonacci and our wish to use it in contact work. Two days after we left Stonehenge for London, the formation of the "Julia Set" appeared which represents either a Fibonacci or logarithmic spiral. To me, that confirmed our desire to incorporate the Fibonacci in our fieldwork. To say we were excited is an understatement!

Participating in the conference are two people who were on my tour and were part of the 7 who were in the formation on the day of the loud noise. I'll let them recount what they experienced.

We seven entered the crop circle and we individually found the spot in the circle where Sasha said we should go to. (It was the spot were we felt best as individuals). We did our work individually and after a few minutes we heard this loud sound. As we became excited, the sound stopped. After a few minutes we calmed down and we heard the sound again. Again we became excited and again [the sound stopped].

Interesting. This confirms a theory that Ron [Lyssa's husband] and I have been playing with about how energy fragments when a group experiences contact. They become individually excited instead of staying in the flow of the contact.

We feel strongly that the group energy has to be in harmony in order to experience contact.

Question: I am very much interested in hearing the technical details of the Fibonacci information. Are there any references available to this yet? Also, Lyssa, what are your future plans? Any US workshops? I see you will be in South Africa next month. You sure get around!

I wish I had technical details on the Fibonacci information! I was not a math major, that is for sure. Sasha talks about it on some of my tapes, so you can [refer to the tape catalog on the homepage at Audio Tapes and look for information on tapes # 183, 181, 186 for the details.]

Question: What do you think about dolphins on ET contact teams?

I think it is an idea whose time has come. I had put together an event on a dolphin research ship off the coast of Spain. It was set to happen in June of 1996 but we had to cancel due to lack of interested parties (and $$ of course). Our goal was to do dolphin/whale contact during the day and ask them to help us with our ET contact and use them as intermediaries to help us open up the ET contact at night. I think it might still happen some day when the time is right. I think it is a great idea!

Comment: Did you think perhaps you were being contacted by an alternate group of yourselves that were working with breaking the dimensional barrier? You are a high-energy group and your excitement may have lost the focus. Keep trying! That is what is happening with some of the "aliens" who are only partially seen.

I think there is a lot of truth to that statement. Sasha claims to be a "future" me, from the Pleiades, and many on her contact team have counterparts on my Earth team. So, all we really do is contact ourselves, anyway!

We had an amazing contact event last January [1996]. It was cold so we didn't go outside. Instead, Sasha took my contact team (through meditation) to another planet where a group of ETs were trying to make contact with other ETs! (They too, like us, haven't openly entered the galactic community). Sasha showed us how to play the ETs for this alien contact team so we could learn what the Pleiadians go through when they contact us! It was enlightening, and will be detailed in a book someday. The contact was VERY real and my human team all had simultaneous experiences as if we had entered a room together. We just shifted dimensions. We each assigned ourselves to one of the alien contact team members and then contact that person. Each of us humans had to deal with the emotional bodies of the alien group we were contacting, and that was quite enlightening
too! We really saw what we put the ETs through when they try to contact us! What a trip! :)

Comment: Lyssa, that was fascinating. Maybe what really happened is that your group and the Pleiadian group changed places!

Yes, the experience made me feel like we each are the only ones who exist in our own universes, and all we do is contact different aspects of ourselves anyway.

Question: Lyssa, what do you think the crop circles mean?

I think there are as many answers to that question as there are crop circles, and maybe more! However, I am beginning to be interested in one aspect that has to do with the idea of the crop circles being giant acupuncture/homeopathic encoders into the Earth grid. For instance, the DNA helix formation happened right on the St. Michael ley line. Ley lines have always been known to be places on the Earth where one can access the whole earth -- like a meridian in the body where a giant acupuncture needle can be placed and information can be "sent" (much like frequencies are sent to the body in homeopathic medicine). The fact that the Alton Barnes formation resembled DNA and it was on a major ley line is a serious message to me. I think we are being given information or energy that is directly connected to our DNA and it is being put directly into the grid
of the Earth. The other formation at Stonehenge [the Julia Set] is of tremendous interest to me because of the following:

In the Flower of Life workshop by Drunvalo Melchizedek (my husband used to be a facilitator for this course) he speaks about a brick-lined hole in the desert floor within a mile of the great pyramid in Egypt. He says that this point marks the beginning point of a logarithmic spiral that unwinds over the Earth and passes through the sacred sites. So, here we are at Stonehenge and a logarithmic (or Fibonacci) spiral appears in the crop within a mile or so of a major sacred site. The situation seems hauntingly familiar to Drunvalo's claims about the Egyptian spiral.

While we were there, Busty Taylor dowsed Stonehenge and found that lines of energy ran like a pinwheel out of the center of Stonehenge. I am sure one of these lines of energy hits the Julia Set formation. So again, some serious information or energy is being encoded into the grid which will pass through all the sacred sites on Earth. I feel in my bones that this is of MAJOR significance. My mind (the logical, linear part) can't comprehend the enormity of it nor understand what it means. But I FEEL it is very, very significant. This is also why I feel we are at a major planetary crossroads right now.

Question: Do you think that the energy of these ley lines are connected in some way to the mass consciousness, or the morphogenetic field, and so is used by the ETs or someone to send messages to us that would awaken something within our consciousness?

Absolutely! I am convinced that somehow a message, information, or energy is being directly downloaded into the morphogenetic field of our planet through these formations -- especially the formations that reflect the principles of sacred geometry.

Moderator: Thanks for being our guest tonight. It was wonderful and very informative.

Thank you all for being here and for the great questions. I hope you will continue being pioneers.

CompuServe UFO Forum's Interview with Lyssa Royal, August 1996