ET Civilizations - Germane

Germane, Channeled Through Lyssa Royal 

Germane, a group consciousness energy, states that "his"
orientation is from a realm of integration that does not have a
clear-cut density/dimensional level. The term "germane" in the
English language means "significant relevance" or "coming from
the same source". Germane therefore chose this term to somewhat
personify his energy. Neither male nor female, he views us as
evolving to become him as we begin the process of physical,
emotional, mental and spiritual integration, which leads us back
to the Source of All.

Note: This session was recorded in Tokyo, Japan and was taken 
from a tape with a Japanese translation. This session was 
recorded at Tokyo's largest New Age Bookstore called "Yoyo."

Germane: Greetings to you. This is Germane. It is a pleasure
to be with all of you this night. The first thing that we are 
going to do is describe for you the different ET groups that 
have interacted with Earth throughout history. Now obviously 
there have been quite a few, so we are going to give you just 
some of the main characters, and we are also going to have to 
generalize a little bit.

The first group we would like to describe for you is the group 
that we call Lyrans. You might say that they were the authority
figures. You will find that during the times they were most 
active on the Earth they used symbols to depict their group; the
most common symbols they used were of birds and of cats. To 
describe what these ETs physically looked like, we will 
generalize: Generally, the Lyrans were built in a very sturdy 
way, Caucasian-like, very large. Generally, they had light 
skin, and even though light hair and eyes were the most common,
you would sometimes find Lyrans with dark hair. As a group one
of their most predominant characteristics was being authoritative. 
Often throughout history they played the role of, in a sense, 
parents. They were very strict. They had a lot of dogma. You 
might say they were like father figures. Humans both loved them 
and feared them, much like an authoritative parent.

Another group that was here very much throughout history were the 
Sirians. The symbols they used throughout time were usually of 
serpents or dogs. Physically, as a generality, the Sirians had 
darker skin, darker hair and eyes, and were not as large as the 
Lyrans. As far as their personality characteristics, we would 
say that they were very devoted to serving mankind. Whereas the 
Lyrans were committed to ruling mankind, the Sirians were interested 
in helping or sometimes even saving mankind. They could be very, 
very zealous, and because of that trait, they often interfered 
where they did not belong. But you could say they were the crusaders
for mankind. The other significant group that we will mention are 
the Pleiadians. Their symbols were also at times birds or winged 
figures. They also used the symbol of the seven stars. Physically,
and again we must generalize, they were similar in skin, hair and eye
color to the Lyrans but much smaller. So, for instance, a typical 
Pleiadian woman would look very much like this channel in size. Now
the Pleiadians had a very, very deep love of mankind. It would take
too much time to explain why, but genetically they are connected to 
you, so often throughout history they have been drawn back to Earth 
in order to help humans. Not only do they have a genetic connection
but they also have an emotional connection. They always tried to 
nurture and protect you like a mother. Now you know that you may 
have two parents, a mother and a father who love you very much, but 
at the same time these two parents may also fight over you. 
Sometimes they may even manipulate you to get back at the spouse. 
The same thing happened with these ETs. They often, in their love 
for you, fought over you. Unfortunately, they also at times 
manipulated you. Because the ETs often fought amongst themselves 
there were often territory disputes about the land and the people of
Earth, and so often the Earth was divided into sections and certain 
ET rulers would be responsible for certain sections. It is 
unfortunate that a lot of the information about these times has been 
lost. However, some of it remains in the Sumerian texts and we will 
talk a little bit about that later. 

Before we go into the future it is important to say one thing. 
Ancient humankind was never a victim of these ETs. All beings create
their own reality for their own purposes of learning and growth, and 
ancient humankind was the same way. We never like to put humans in 
the role of being victims.

Atlantis and the Great Flood
We are going to begin our story by talking about Atlantis. Most of 
you are somewhat familiar with what happened in Atlantis. Generally
speaking, there was a lot of extraterrestrial fighting going on 
during that time. There was also a lot human corruption going on as
well. Many of you have already heard about the destruction of 
Atlantis and we are not really going to get to talk in depth about 
why Atlantis was destroyed because in some ways it is another 
subject. But we are setting the stage for the other information that
we would like to present. 

Now some of you are familiar with the Christian story about Noah. As
the story goes, Noah was warned by a serpent and told to build an 
ark. Everyone thought Noah was crazy, but he built his ark anyway; 
as the story goes, because he built the ark he was able to save 
humans and animals. Now he built the ark at the same time as the 
destruction of Atlantis - the Great Flood. 

Obviously, a serpent did not really tell him to build an ark; but as
we previously said, the Sirians used serpent symbols to depict 
themselves. There wasn't just one Noah, but many humans around the 
planet who received the Sirian message to build arks, for the Sirians
really wanted mankind to be saved. It is unfortunate to say, but the
Lyrans did not want mankind to be saved. They were not going to tell
anyone about the flood that was coming. To simplify the reason for 
this we will simply say that the Lyrans preferred to start over again
with Earth and that is why they were going to allow the destruction 
of mankind. You all know the story about Noah and that he was 
successful. Many humans around the planet were spared from the flood
and they were still able to flourish as a race. 

Ancient Sumeria
It took some time but eventually major civilizations came into 
being again. The main historically recognizable one was Sumeria. 
At the point where Sumeria began flourishing, the ETs began coming 
back to Earth; mostly Sirians but also some Lyrans. The territory 
disputes began again and they had to divide the Earth into regions 
that different ETs began to rule. Once again the ETs began fighting
amongst themselves, and once again mankind became like puppets. 

Many, many, many of these stories are recorded quite clearly in the 
Sumerian texts. They have not all been translated but some of them 
have been. We are aware that there is a book on your world and we 
believe it is translated into Japanese. The title of it is The 
Twelfth Planet. The author is Zecharia Sitchin. If any of you are 
particularly interested in finding out some of the juicy dramas that
occurred in Sumeria you will find them in this book. We would like 
to use Sumeria as the beginning point for modern history because so 
much of the ETs' conditioning of humans was absorbed during Sumerian 
times; some of that is still being played out today, unconsciously. 

First, let's talk about the pyramids. In ancient days in Sumeria 
there were structures very similar to the pyramids that you now find
in the Yucatan. They had flat tops which were landing areas for the 
extraterrestrial spacecraft. All of these pyramids are now buried, 
mostly in the area you know as Iraq. Many of them are really in 
ruins. You might not even recognize them as pyramids. However, you 
still have the Great Pyramid. Anyone who has ever visited Egypt may 
have sensed that the pyramid is not necessarily Egyptian. You know 
if you have been inside it that there are absolutely no inscriptions 
on the walls. In fact, there is no architecture at all that even 
suggests anything Egyptian. That is because the first version of 
that pyramid was built during the time of Sumeria. It is much, much
older than scientists know now. It has been reconstructed several 
times. However, that pyramid was used for at least a thousand years,
if not more than that, as a very important extraterrestrial base. As
many of you suspect, there are a lot of chambers still undiscovered. 
What is quite interesting is that the Sumerian texts - of course, 
Sumeria is older than Egypt - talk about the Great Pyramid. That 
alone would tell you that the pyramid is older than the Egyptian 
civilization. The pyramid was used in a lot of the territory 
disputes. It was considered the prized possession; whoever held 
that pyramid was the dominant ET group. 

The Importance of Genetics
Now I am going to stop here for a moment and we are going to talk 
about how important genetics were to these ancient ETs. Each ET 
group that was interacting with humans at that time felt it was 
very important to control the genetic mixture of humans on Earth. 
Ultimately, the ET groups wanted to create an advanced version of 
mankind that they could then begin incarnating into. So they tried 
to control the breeding on Earth for thousands of years. There is 
a very interesting creation story that comes from Egypt. It is the 
story of Osiris and Isis. The story put simply is this: Isis and 
Osiris were brother and sister and also husband and wife. The 
story says that Set, another Egyptian god, was very jealous and he 
sought to kill Osiris. Set found Osiris, cut him up into many 
pieces and scattered the pieces all over Egypt. Isis was so upset 
that she sought help of her colleagues and went about trying to find 
all of the pieces of Osiris to put him together again. The story 
says that she found all of the pieces except the phallus. But she 
was able to put Osiris together again anyway and he lived. Isis 
spent the night with Osiris and was impregnated. She was 
impregnated with Horus. You may wonder how Isis could have been 
impregnated if Osiris did not have a phallus. Well, who ever said 
these myths make sense? We are going to give our version of this 

Isis and Osiris were two of the most prominent ruling ET gods on 
Earth at that time. Set was also a very prestigious ET ruler, 
although he was secondary to Osiris. But Set craved power. He 
knew that if Osiris and Isis stayed together and had a child, 
that child Horus would be ruler and he, Set, would stay in the 
secondary position, so he had to find a way to kill Osiris. During 
this time the ETs had a lot of technology. He knew that he had to 
destroy the reproductive organs of Osiris, otherwise they could 
still produce offspring. We would say that the myth of cutting 
Osiris up and spreading the pieces around is really just a metaphor 
for the idea that Osiris was killed and his body was hidden. His 
body was hidden but not destroyed because Set believed that maybe 
some time in the future Osiris' genetics could be used to his 
advantage. But the phallus was taken and put in another location. 

Now, Isis found Osiris' body. Obviously, she could not have been 
impregnated by a dead husband with no phallus. [Germane laughs.] 
They did have a lot of technology then, though, and Osiris' life 
was restored; but he could not reproduce in the usual way. So the 
legend says that they went up to the heavens but, of course, they 
went up to the ship. And what they did was take some of Osiris' 
genetics and clone them with Isis' genetics to produce Horus. 
Through a series of cloning and artificial insemination and 
processes that you are not familiar with here on Earth, Horus was 
created - they didn't need the phallus to do it - and Egyptian 
history talks about the divine birth of Horus. So Horus was born 
and he became a very powerful ruler. Set, of course, was always 

This is an example of how a myth that may not make sense does 
make sense if you look at it from another point of view. Earth 
history is filled with myths that seemingly do not make sense, 
but they really are stories of not only your extraterrestrial 
heritage but also of the adventures of your forefathers. Now 
let's stop here. 

We would like to know if there are any questions about the material 
that has been presented so far.

The Earth human at this time, I believe, was in third density. 
What dimension or frequency were the Sirians in when they thought 
of this idea of controlling mankind?
They also would be considered third density. In terms of the 
evolutionary scale, they were at the same place in third density 
that you are at in third density now. Humans on your planet, as 
a whole, do similar types of manipulations at this point in 
evolution. Eventually, as time passed, these beings did 
transition into fourth density but that was some time down the 
line. Does that answer your question?

So it is possible to create and fly UFOs from third density?
Well, yes and no. It depends on your definition of a UFO. If you 
look at the ancient literature on your planet, like the Sumerian 
texts, you'll see that the ETs were using what is very similar to 
your present-day rockets. The ETs did not have hyperspace 
capability. Most of them lived either on the Earth or in space 
stations very close to Earth on both Mars and Maldek which is now 
your asteroid belt. For any long voyages they primarily used 
cryogenics. It wasn't until they transitioned that they began to 
use interdimensional craft. Generally, you on Earth will follow 
the same evolutionary pattern. That's a very good question. This 
leads us to something else that we would like to discuss.

Ancient Beliefs and Today's Myths
Many of the beliefs that mankind has had in the past several 
thousand years are directly a result of some of the things that 
happened in these ancient days. For instance, why is Heaven 
considered to be in the sky? Heaven has always been thought to be 
the realm of the gods. If you start thinking about this you will 
see that it becomes logical to assume that humans began to believe 
in a Heaven in the sky because the sky was where the ETs came from. 
Most of you in your present state of development now embrace the 
idea that God is not a physical person. He is not an old man with 
a beard. But, yes, these ancient people believed that gods came 
from the sky and had bodies like theirs. The ETs came from the 
sky so therefore the sky must be the place of the gods. You all 
know now the realm of God is everywhere, including within you, but 
back then they believed that God existed outside of you. Even 
today, humans struggle with that belief. Humans still believe, 
even if it is just on the subconscious level, that somehow God is 
outside of you and can't be inside. Please recognize where that 
comes from. It is an old, old, ancient belief. And for most, it 
no longer serves you any more. 

Now there is one other belief from ancient times that is quite 
interesting and that we would like to talk about. In ancient times 
in Sumeria there was something that happened on a regular basis. 
When the gods were preparing for a space flight they would often 
have humans help them. Now we said that the gods used a form of 
cryogenics. This meant that the gods had to go into a deep sleep, 
and they had to do so before they left the Earth. So what they 
did was to go into their ships and have humans come and assist 
them. These gods would go into their cryogenic tombs which look 
very similar to your current-day coffins, and they would then go 
into a deep sleep which simulates death. 

Realize, first of all, that they needed their bodies to get into 
"Heaven". They couldn't get into Heaven without that body. Now 
the humans would also be there to assist the ships that landed 
with the gods in suspended animation inside. When the ships would 
land the humans would help these gods to awaken from their deep 
sleep. What they began to see then was that you had to go to 
Heaven in your body but you could also come from Heaven in a body 
as well. So, in a sense, they believed the gods were immortal; 
somehow this magical realm of Heaven preserved them perfectly. 

If you look at the civilization of Egypt you see that they took a 
lot of care in mummifying and preserving their bodies so they 
could get to Heaven. Now where would they have gotten that belief 
from other than from seeing the gods go to Heaven in their bodies? 
So this created thousands of years of mummification ritual, 
extending even until today. Some peoples take great care in 
preparing bodies before they are put into a coffin and buried. 
Some people on a very subconscious level fear the idea of cremation 
because without a body they have no place to go. Now this isn't 
conscious but it still is very much a part of your inner, deep 
belief systems, and these belief systems come from those very 
ancient days. 

So many species of ETs came to Earth. Earth legends and poetry 
speak of the phoenix and in Carlos Castaneda's stories he speaks 
of eagles who are probably ETs. Were eagles symbolic of any 
species of ETs?
Eagles were a very common symbol for some of the Lyrans. Now it 
is important to understand that native peoples such as Native 
Americans also used animal symbology that was not necessarily 
connected to ETs, although it could be at times. 

How about the phoenix?
This myth did not originate on Earth. Earth people did adopt it 
but the myth itself came from the Lyran civilization. It was a 
symbol for them that their empire would never be destroyed. It 
was a symbol that gave them power, and it was often used in battle 
as a power symbol meant not to frighten the enemy but to show their 
own strength. 

Did similar phenomena take place on other planets in this solar 
In those ancient days there were really only three planets that 
could support physical life: one was Mars, one was Earth and 
one was Maldek, which is now your asteroid belt. There were no 
humans on those planets. They were primarily ET territory. 

You mean Maldek and Mars.
Yes. But in terms of physical life like you, none of the other 
planets had that type of civilization. Does that answer your 

Some people theorize there are civilizations on Mars. Some 
people theorize the Earth humans are actually creating civilizations 
on Mars. Well, that has been something that we haven't wanted to 
comment on, especially since it is not the subject matter for 
tonight. That can open up a whole new subject. Simply, we will 
say that there are some things happening on Mars or in the vicinity 
of Mars now< - my goodness we have put our foot in our 
mouth - that it is very important not to talk about for the time 
being. Sorry to tease you with that information. 

It is a challenging road you have chosen, for until your planet 
embraces the knowledge of your heritage, many things may be 
misunderstood. There is another land on your planet that is 
full of mystery: the land of Peru. Peru has been the territory 
of the Sirians and the Lyrans, but its strongest connection is 
with the Pleiadians, for they have been active there even up to 
present day. Peru performs a very important function for your 

Tonight we have not spoken about Lemuria. That is a another 
long story. However, what we will say, simply, is that toward 
the end of the Lemurian civilization, the end of the Atlantean 
civilization was occurring, as well. They coexisted. The mystics 
of Lemuria knew that the end was coming. Knowing this, they also 
knew it was essential to begin preserving a lot of the wisdom 
and knowledge of Lemuria. They knew it was important that mankind 
eventually understand its star heritage. So the Lemurians began 
gathering all of this information and looking for a place to store 
it safely. The Andes of Peru were part of the Lemurian civilization, 
and the Lemurians knew that one very good place to secret those 
records would be in certain areas of the Andes, so they began 
seeking out natural caverns and power spots in which they could 
store some of the sacred knowledge. The mystics also began teaching 
the ancient Inca the mystical wisdom, for they hoped that the Inca 
would pass on the ancient wisdom throughout time. They also hoped 
that the Inca would protect the places where the records were kept. 

The Record Keepers
One of the major spots where records are kept is in the area of 
Machu Picchu. It is quite interesting that when the Spanish came, 
they infiltrated most of Peru but they never found Machu Picchu. 
The records that are kept in that vicinity are protected on many 
levels. Some of the present-day Incan shamans who are alive right 
now are protecting them. It is a tradition that has been passed on. 
Also, there are many in spirit form who protect the areas that are 
holding the records. 

At times in your history there has been release of information 
that could finally give you the truth about your heritage. One of 
these examples is in the Sumerian clay tablets. They were 
discovered and some were deciphered but unfortunately a lot of the 
information has been withheld. So those who guard Machu Picchu 
are very committed to never letting the records out until mankind 
is ready to accept those truths. Throughout time, it has been 
mostly the Pleiadians who have come and checked to make sure the 
records are secure, for the Pleiadians truly await the day when 
humankind accepts its galactic heritage. But since they cannot 
directly interfere, they can simply help to guard the records. 

Pleiadians and the ancient Incans have a very, very strong connection. 
All over your planet there are storehouses of these ancient records 
so that your history will never be forgotten. And some of the 
extraterrestrial groups have been very instrumental in helping to 
preserve that information. The Native American Indians of North 
America are also a group that has helped to preserve the information 
from Lemuria. So have the Aborigines of Australia. The shamans of 
the Native Americans and Aborigines, even to this day, right now, 
maintain extraterrestrial connections. This is something that even 
most members of those tribes are not aware of. It is a sacred 
tradition passed on from the stars, from Lemuria, to these native 
peoples. There are many record-keepers on Earth. 

We have already mentioned some of the belief systems you have today, 
such as those about Heaven, and how they had extraterrestrial 
origins in the ancient past. The human race in some ways can be 
likened to an orphaned child. You have a rich, rich star heritage 
from many different extraterrestrial groups, but yet you have never 
been allowed to know your true parents. No one is keeping this 
information from you, but up until this point you as a people have 
not had enough desire to find out the truth. Many people on your 
planet have been secure, instead, in the illusions of their own 
religions. They may provide comfort; they may provide a sense of 
spirituality; but they do not provide the truth about your ancient 

We are not asking you to abandon your religions, for they are very 
important to you. However, look deep, deep within yourself and 
look for the truth of your origins. Seek to discover your true 
ancient family. In a sense, you will no longer be orphans when 
you do, and you will feel the joy of being reunited with a very 
vast family. The extraterrestrials who have guided you throughout 
history toward this discovery still await your willingness to meet 
them, but in order to meet them you must first begin to embrace the 
truth of your past. 

You are a magnificent people. You have had many, many challenges 
that you have succeeded in facing. You are strong and you are 
loved so much by your family. This is the time of change; the time 
of darkness and ignorance will pass. You are moving toward the 
Light of your own truth. All of us await you there. 

I have the feeling that Lyra and Sirius were in fourth density. 
But did the people who came to Earth and were in third density 
feel there was a gap between what people of Lyra and Sirius believed 
and what they believed?
In a sense you are accurate and we will describe how. First of all, 
the journey from the Lyran system and all of its colonized planets 
took a very, very long time. It took generations. They did not 
have multidimensional travel. So the extraterrestrials who came 
here never went back and forth to their own planets. They could not 
do so in a lifetime. So for all intents and purposes, they lost the 
connections with their home worlds. And while their own home worlds 
transformed, they themselves did not necessarily transform with them 
because they were not there. So many of the Lyran and Sirian home 
worlds did transform from third to fourth density but these people 
who were colonizing Earth and the surrounding planets had no 
connection at all with that transformation. 

Was it not possible to have communication with the people on the 
home worlds?
At that point in time, which was very ancient, these extraterrestrial 
beings were not very much more developed than you are now, so most of 
the population of extraterrestrials who were here did not have any 
telepathic ability at all. There were some in their societies like 
there are some in your societies now who could communicate 
telepathically and through forms of channeling. But for the most part, 
no, they were not telepathic. 

Some people believe that Japan was formed from very ancient 
civilizations. There are many pyramids in Japan even though they 
built of wood and stone. Also there are stone circles. Please talk 
about Japan's ancient civilizations in relation to ETs.
There were several civilizations that were the primary influence on 
ancient Japan. One is Pleiadian, which is the main influence. One 
is Vegan; it is a long story to explain how. And the third is Sirian. 
Oh my goodness, how do we answer the question without the whole long 
story? [Germane sighs.] Simply, we will say that there was a lot 
of extraterrestrial influence by these groups in ancient times in 
Japan, and some of your very ancient traditions were given to you by 
these extraterrestrial groups. Some of the ancient traditions of 
Shintoism came from these groups. My goodness, why don't we leave 
it at this. If you have a more specific question about this we will 
answer it but the whole story is too complex to tell you. 

Do the Nazca lines have a connection to the Lemurian 
First of all, our perception is that some of the symbols that were 
made were symbols of the ET groups that were ruling in that area 
during Lemuria. This may sound rather odd, but do you know how they 
brand cows? Often they would draw symbols like that on the land so 
that any extraterrestrial group flying by would know whose territory 
it was. This was a tradition that began during the Lemurian era 
and continued after the flood. Some of the glyphs of the Nazca 
lines were symbols very predominant during the Lemurian era. We 
perceive that is what you are sensing. 

Is the drawing of the Nazca lines a tradition from the times of 
It is a little bit later. The actual Nazca lines that you see now 
were not made during the times of Lemuria but came later. They 
combined the tradition of the Lemurian symbols with other forms of 
communication. There is very little left on your world in terms of 
physical things left over from Lemuria. 

In ancient Japan there were two groups of people, Earth-based 
gods and Heaven-based gods. What is the difference between these?
In Sumeria there were two main gods, Enlil and Enki. Enki was lord 
of the Earth and he had his own group of gods under him. Enlil 
ruled the areas of the heavens, and he had his own group of gods 
associated with him as well. This was a common theme throughout 
the extraterrestrial interaction with ancient Earth. There were 
gods assigned to the Earth territory and gods assigned to territory 
of the heavens which, of course, would be Mars and Maldek. So we 
perceive that the gods you are referring to had the same type 
of hierarchy - Earth-based and Heaven-based. Generally speaking, 
the gods who were based off the planet were higher in the hierarchy. 

In terms of categorizing the Earth-based gods and the 
Heaven-based gods, which were in Japan? Who were the Pleiadians?
We cannot put them into a category that would make sense to you 
without all the background information that was given yesterday. 
Excuse us. The ETs never had set boundaries such as Pleiadians, 
Sirians. There were always mixtures in different groups that 
combined both energies, so the question cannot be answered in a 
way that would make any sense. The boundaries are not that clear-cut. 

What is the value of this interesting information? How can we 
put it to use?
Actually, it is our fault that we have not expressed the practical 
use because we get so excited about some of the drama and details 
of the information. We want to answer this question in the most 
clear way possible. Give us a moment. 

The Human Race Must Confront the Nature 
of its Planetary Parents
All throughout history, mankind has had nothing but conflict. Of 
course, conflict is always created within and then projected into 
the external world. We like to compare the Earth human relationship 
with ETs to a child's relationship with its parent because it is 
the same dynamic. If a child is loved and nurtured and valued by 
a parent, it grows up in a healthy way. If a child is not abandoned, 
it grows up in a healthy way. If a child is allowed to develop its 
own identity and is supported by the parents, it grows up in a 
healthy way. If children do not have these things when they grow 
into adulthood they create conflict and pain in their lives; it 
really comes from the fact that they were not nurtured during their 
developmental years. At the times when these gods were interacting 
with your planet you were a child species. For the most part, you 
were not nurtured. Instead, you were controlled. For the most part, 
you were repeatedly abandoned. You would develop attachments to 
these ET gods and then they would abandon you. You were not 
encouraged as a race to develop your own planetary identity. 
Instead, the gods tried to mold you into what they wanted you to 
become. Now that the gods are no longer here and you are growing 
into adulthood, the species itself is experiencing pain and conflict. 
It doesn't know its parents and therefore it doesn't know itself. 
The species has never felt nurtured. Instead, it simply copied the 
dysfunctional pattern of its parents, creating conflict after 
conflict, trying to find itself. 

In traditional therapy, people will need to first confront the 
truth about their parents. They must learn why their parents were 
the way they were and how that has affected who they have become, 
and they must see how this parental influence has created the 
conflicts in their present lives. It is only then that they can be 
set free to find their true identity. Your planet is still trying 
to find its identity, for you are not a planetary people. You are, 
in a sense, a group of lost children. We mean this with no 
disrespect. As in traditional therapy, as we have just described, 
the human race itself now needs to confront who its parents were. 
The human race needs to accept that they have become who they are 
because of who their parents were. In accepting that they can begin 
to form their own identity as a species and finally come to peace 
with themselves. It is then that their conflicts will subside. 

So, all of the information that we have presented tonight is to 
allow you to know your parents. This is to encourage you to go 
proudly and boldly into the future. You can unify yourselves, but 
first you must know yourselves. 

Some people get so upset that they act out of emotion. How 
should we act? How do we make change in our lives when it comes 
to action?
First of all, thought always precedes actions, so it is more 
important to first change the thought. The details of the 
information that we have given are not what's important; but 
those details make you think. As you think, your thought 
processes change. That is the first step and that is a step of 
action. Whenever you do not like your reality, you don't need 
to change the reality, you must first change yourself. That is 
the first step. And when you take that step you will know 
naturally the next step to take. You cannot change others. You 
can only change yourself. 

We cannot really take more time to discuss this tonight but please 
know that the idea of changing your thought is very important. It 
is the first step. One by one, as your thoughts change individually, 
so do you transform your planet. 

Tell us about P'taah in regard to the dreamspell.
First of all, P'taah's genetics were a combination of Earth and 
ET genetics, and that is a powerful combination because it is a 
unification of the Earth and the heavens. The intention of dreamspell 
is to do the same thing - unite Heaven with Earth. So that is why 
you are sensing the similarity in the energies of P'taah and the 

What is the most meaningful way of using the art of dreamspell?
It is different for everyone. It is very important that you use it 
creatively and adapt it to yourself. That is how it was intended. 
Does that answer? What we said was very simple so listen to it 
again and think about it. The last question was somewhat 
appropriate for our closing remarks. You are all probably wondering 

Dreamspell, in a sense, is something that humankind is now trying to 
awaken from, meaning that mankind has been asleep and dreaming. You 
have never awakened to your full heritage. You have never awakened 
to the truth about your being and thereby solved the conflicts within. 
But the fact that there are so many of you here tonight with questions 
about this says that mankind is finally awakening. Be patient with the 
process, be patient with yourselves. There is no rush. You are 
unfolding perfectly. You carry the memories within your very cells 
of all of these ancient civilizations. You also carry the memory of 
the stars within your cells as well. If you look within you will 
always find what you are looking for. 

Much, much love to each one of you. And we bid you a fond goodnight.

Note: This session appeared in the November 1993 issue of The Sedona Journal o

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Love is the answer...