Reprinted from Connecting Link Magazine - 1993

Sasha Through Lyssa Royal

Sasha: The main doorway through which many ETs choose to come to you is the door of the human consciousness. We would like to explore with you that doorway into the human consciousness through which we enter. We would also like to explore with you what happens to you as humans when one of us comes knocking at your door. How does your reality reorganize itself so you either assimilate our contact or repress it? We will talk about that a little, as well. This will give you an understanding of your inner workings and how ET contact is intricately tied in to human evolution. In a sense, they are part of the same dance. The extraterrestrial contact coming to your planet at this time is not only a symptom of your evolution, but is triggering your evolution.
Contact with ETs at this point now in your planetary history is what is supposed to happen. Any society who evolves to a certain point will eventually have to deal with a greater reality. You have put it off for quite some time. Even throughout your ancient history, when ETs were here more openly, that has been conveniently stuffed into your memories and is just now beginning to awaken. Let us give you a peek through the door into the human consciousness.

Imagine the consciousness of an average human on your planet. Within the human consciousness you are divided roughly into three different areas for the sake of this illustration. The conscious mind, the subconscious mind, and the unconscious mind. We would like to show you what each of these sections of your consciousness look like energetically.

The conscious mind is organized much like your data disks that you use for computers. There are blocks of information. As you are born and you go through your life, all of what you are exposed to becomes programmed into data blocks. Eventually, near its surface, the conscious mind becomes filled with these data blocks.

So, what are the data blocks? The data blocks are all of your perceptions of reality and your belief systems. So, in a sense, this is the most rigid part of your consciousness. If you've been programmed with a belief system that ETs do not exist (or that you are not worthy of a visitation, or any belief) then you build a very hard wall of data blocks. These data blocks begin to form the foundation of your belief system. All of this can be accessed within the conscious mind. This affects the way you think, perceive reality, the way you live your life, and how you allow your own identity to develop. That is the conscious mind.

The subconscious mind is responsible for perceptions that come to you which are not priority. In a sense, the subconscious mind does consciousness triage. Every moment of your reality, you are bombarded with stimuli from the external and internal world. Tastes, smells, sounds, vibrations, information, etc. Some part of you has to do triage. Some part of you has to say, "This gets the attention of the conscious mind. This gets the attention of the subconscious, and this is filed away for later. This is much to scary so let's stick it into the unconscious." The subconscious mind is the part of you that does the processing.

The subconscious mind then, on the first level, is made up of little globs of data that are awaiting processing. In your day to day life, if you are faced with doing something that is really easy and something that is going to require a lot of headache (or maybe it is a frightening thing), you are going to relegate that to the bottom of the pile. The subconscious mind will organize the easiest things to be dealt with at the top. The scarier things get put under the pile. The subconscious mind is very good at procrastination.

Then let's go to the unconscious. The unconscious mind, though it is a link to your greater self, is also used as a wasteland where scary, dark things are stored that you really don't want to bring up. As information passes through the subconscious, the more scarier things get put down in the first level of the unconscious. The bottom level of the unconscious is the gateway to the Higher Self. When you are a child and you have a very traumatic event happen to you (like abuse), the subconscious immediately must find a way not only to process the information and store it, but to protect you from even further fragmentation. It must then, in whatever way it can, seek to create a balance in the person. So the very, very intense raw energy that is generated from trauma get put deeply within the unconscious.

The unconscious is also ruled by archetypes. There is a lot that is generated in the unconscious that you are totally unaware of. Your unconscious is often triggered on a daily basis and continues to process, but it is only given a small amount of space in which to do so. We are simplifying for this illustration.

Now that you see the layers of the consciousness, we are going to talk to you about where ET contact fits into this. Let's say that an ET approaches you who wants to communicate. When an ET looks at you, you seem like a multiple personality case. (We do not mean this derogatorily in any way). This is because there are so many levels of your consciousness. The unconscious mind is only aware of such a small fragment of reality.

The ET often does not know how to communicate with a fragmented human. Sometimes they may fly their ships by and a few people see them. But the greater percentage do not because that data gets sucked into the subconscious and the triage happens. If it is not relevant to the conscious reality foundation, it not going to make it to the conscious mind. Therefore, you may have seen a craft but that data has not yet made its way into your conscious mind simply because there is too much data to process and these conscious data blocks (which represent your beliefs) stop it from being remembered.

Let's say then that the ET tries telepathic communication. Telepathic communication comes in through the subconscious mind. Once again, it is faced with the same thing. It is faced with an obstacle course, depending on who you are. Some of you are getting quite adept at telepathic contact. As time goes on, your abilities to adapt to telepathic contact are increasing. For the most part, the average person in society however, does not know how to interpret telepathic contact. So, once again, the telepathy that is being given to you never makes it to the conscious mind.

You are beginning to see now that the subconscious has a wellspring of information that has been beamed at it almost since birth. Yet, it is not bubbling to the surface. This is why techniques such as regressive hypnosis can start to bring out some of this information. It is starting to open doors.
Let's say then, that the ET gets out of their ship while you are sitting in your backyard. The ET comes up to you and says hello. In the moment that you start perceiving us, reality starts shifting-because remember, you are one frequency and we are another. There must be a common ground between us where the contact can take place. If we are at very different ends of the spectrum, the contact becomes very difficult.

So an ET walks up to you in your backyard. Perhaps for a fragment of a moment you perceive us. But commonly what happens (in a general sense) is that the human will suddenly shut down-usually by becoming very sleepy and falling into a sleep or entering a type of trance state such as one that is produced by alpha or theta brain waves.

If the human falls asleep, then the interaction happens on a nonphysical level. If the human enters a new brain wave reality (like alpha or theta) communication may happen there. But then, when the human attempts to go back to their normal waking consciousness, they can't bring the memory up with them. Once again, contact has happened, but you just haven't brought it through to your conscious mind.

Believe us when we tell you that every single one of you has had contact. It may have been physical, it may have been dreamstate, or it may have been telepathic. It may have been that you simply saw a ship. Every one of you. That memory is held in the subconscious.

The next questions are: How do you rearrange things in your consciousness so that contact can begin being remembered? How can you stop compartmentalizing yourselves? First of all, the easiest place to start is with the conscious mind. Assuming you would want to do this, begin examining all of these data blocks you have within the conscious mind. This means examining your conscious belief systems about your world and yourself. Some of these belief systems are not ones necessarily you consciously worked on forming. Many of them were given to you by your parents, your society, your government or your church. That is the first step. Begin examining those data blocks and find out which ones still serve you and which ones you wish to be transformed. We guarantee you that when you start doing this with honesty in looking at yourself, you are already going to start shifting.

As you do this, let's say you get rid of a couple of these data blocks. Now you have space. Because of this space (which previously blocked the emergence of subconscious energy), some of the subconscious memories can begin coming through. Now the energy is freed up. There is not such a barrier between the levels of your consciousness. Remember, this first layer of the subconscious that begins coming through is simply the top layer of priorities that were given to your subconscious mind to store and process. For the most part, the first layer that starts coming through is not scary. It represents procrastinated perceptions that are waiting for processing and recognition by the consciousness.

Let's say you start erasing more of the data blocks, freeing more energy. More and more of the upper layers of the subconscious start coming through. What is going to start happening is that it will seem like a dam has burst open. So much of the energy from the subconscious is going to start shooting through.

This is what happens when someone learns to channel. One of the ideas that becomes essential in learning to channel is to have a relationship with your own belief systems by understanding why you are the way you are and seek to always evolve the self. Then, as you do that and open up, subconscious fragments start coming through before the actual clear channeling begins.
Eventually, the pathways between the conscious and subconscious mind will become clearer. Much of the data that you are getting won't be put in a corner anymore. Your processing system will become a lot more efficient. Eventually however, you hit the bottom layer of the subconscious which is the scariest one.

This layer is where all of your fears lie. It can be fears about death, about ETs, or any fear however irrational it may sound. That is where they reside. They will start rising and coming to the surface of the subconscious. At this point, you have two choices. You can either seek to process them (which really cleans you out), or you can shut down and allow the emotional waves to batter you around. In that case, the repressed subconscious energy will surface in the form emotional turmoil which you don't understand and which seems to mess up your life. It is up to you how you choose to handle this.

Extraterrestrial contact starts triggering things within the subconscious level. As the data blocks free up, you start clearing and becoming more expansive and the ET contact starts being received, you are going to start noticing different things happening. Either you are going to begin having more ET oriented dreams, or you are going to be thinking about ETs more, or something will have shifted that is going to be sign (however subtle) that ET contact is indeed something real for you in your life. It's real, but it may not be tangible. That is quite all right.

Let's say all these blocks eventually get cleared out within the conscious and subconscious. The unconscious then is the last level to be dealt with. This is the archetypal level.

For the most part, a positively oriented ET will know that for true contact to occur you will need to be fully aligned with who you are without repression and denial. So what happens is that when ET contact starts coming in, the unconscious level becomes triggered. Think of the top layer of the unconscious as a giant pair of sunglasses. The ET "light" shines through the sunglasses and eventually makes it to your conscious mind.

ET contact will be interpreted by you through the language of the unconscious. So if your unconscious is not processed and is blocked up and houses a massive array of scary archetypes-monsters and demons-then ETs are going to be seen by you as demons. It doesn't matter who the ETs are! If you've been working on processing many of your inner archetypes and working toward personal growth, then your consciousness will begin shifting in such a way that the light which passes through the sunglasses (which is eventually your interpretation of ET contact) will take on a different meaning.

Those of you who are "abductees" will find that the more and more you process your issues-especially your identification with being a victim-and if you turn it around and seek to learn from the experience and see it as a path toward evolution and you actively begin taking steps to live in that way, your abductions will change. Will they stop? Probably not. Will they change? Absolutely yes. More of this is written about in [Royal Priest Research's book] Visitors from Within.

How you perceive ETs in your life or on your planet is a direct result of the lens through which they are seen. The lens represents your unconscious and subconscious minds. If that lens is dirty and has not been processed and healed, then your image of the ETs will be anything but pleasant.
Part of this is because we as ETs cannot enter your reality because of the vibration in which you live. Your beta reality is a tightly focused beam of energy. It takes a lot of energy to be physical in your reality. This is why you all need to sleep so much as a species. In my reality, I do not have the brain wave state which is equal to your beta. I cannot land my ship in a corn field, get out and shake your hand and have you remember the experience. It doesn't work because our realities don't line up.

A common ground must be created. For you to create a common ground you will need to exit (temporarily) your beta reality and enter alpha or theta. Vibrationally, those wavelengths are one of the common grounds we both may enter.
We've been meeting you on these levels since humanity began. However, the challenge is that when you have your meetings with us and then you go back into the beta reality, you are bumping up against these data blocks and you can't pull the memory of our contact through to your conscious reality. This is neither positive or negative but simply a part of evolution. Evolution is not just the evolution of your cells. Evolution is intricately tied to your brain development. It is your brain that is the transceiver of the universal energy.

As you begin being able to tap into new frequencies on the radio dial, your evolutionary state accelerates. Once that evolutionary state accelerates, then you can get to the common ground. We then can meet, and you can go back to your consensus reality and bring with you the experience of being with us. That is where all of you are heading now.

A question you may wish to ask is, "What can I as a person do in my life right now so that I can get to the common ground?" There are some very simple things.

First of all, work on dissolving those data blocks. Find out the rigid views of reality that you hold. You may not even be conscious of these views! Begin to know who you are. Then begin to consciously choose what perceptions of reality you have outgrown. Begin replacing them with new and more expansive points of view.

Next, go within, as deeply within yourself as you can. Find your own demons. Find your own fears. Find the part of you that hates yourself. Find that part of you that is not you but is a reflection of your programming from this life and other lives. Do not abolish these things, but befriend them. That is what people find very difficult.

This means looking into the mirror of your soul to see all that is there-the light, the love, and the ugliness. When you can befriend all of that will be when you will have gotten to the level of the unconscious. Doors will begin opening quickly. You will have begun the integrative process within your consciousness. That place is so powerful! And, it is your true state of being.

You are all playing at being fragmented. This is part of your evolutionary game. It is not, however, who you are. Do not confuse your physical self (as a fragmented being) with the greater sense of your Self. Within you is a totally whole integrated being who is sitting back watching a movie of your fragmented experiences. If you can find that self within you, miracles will start to happen. But you have got to be willing to look at the darkness.

Many people have asked the question, "Why are the Zetas here abducting and causing such terror?" Well, there are as many answers to that question as there are people who will ask it. However, we will tell you one reason why you perceive these experiences in such a terrifying manner. The Zetas represent for you a total opposite polarity-a unified whole, nonindividualistic with no emotions. Because they represent this opposite polarity from you, when you interact with them, you must face your own inner opposite polarity. You must face your own darkness.

How many of you as abductees have looked into those black and shiny eyes and have seen ugliness and visions of yourself or your world that were terrifying? These are not prophesies given to you. These are simply confrontations with your own shadow. For reality itself is generated from within. The Zetas are one group of entities sent to you in your slumber, so to speak, to help awaken you into the totality of who you are. They have been called by many names. They have, to some degree (though it is accelerated now), been here throughout time. There must always be balancing forces, even in chaos. Even though everything seems chaotic right now, there is always a balance. The Zetas are helping to keep a balance.

This may not be their conscious intention. They have their own agenda. But, you are also providing for them a service that they could not get anywhere else. You represent to them the opposite of themselves. When they look into your white and shiny eyes, they see a vision of themselves that is absolutely terrifying.

Both of you are intricately tied together in a dance of evolution. Both of you are on the brink of major realization and awakening. They are going to awaken to a greater reality and so are you. Right now, the way for you to start awakening to that greater reality is to begin clearing your blockages. These divisions within your consciousness only exist within a physical reality like yours. You are not here dealing with this because you fell from grace. You had to have been quite masterful to put yourself in such a challenging situation.

Now you have some idea what happens to you when an ET interacts with your consciousness. We hope that we have also expressed to you that you, as a species, are not all sitting around waiting to make contact. Contact is already happening! Some of you may be sitting around waiting for your governments to reveal it. Your governments don't have to validate your reality. You are the only ones who can truly say what reality is.
Start shifting and come to the understanding that contact has already happened. Each and every one of you have had it. Instead of trying to seek it, remember it. Remember. There is nothing to be frightened of in these memories.

One last thing. All of you recognize the great compartmentalization within your government. The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. There are some segments that have ET information and some segments trying to get it. We are going to suggest to you that the state of your own individualized consciousness is a microcosm of the entire dynamic that is occurring on Earth. The way your government is compartmentalized is exactly the same as your consciousness.

Your government has conscious party lines which it repeats to the public. They claim national security must be upheld. They maintain a belief that there are always enemies out to get you. Those are the data blocks through which your government sees reality.

The first few layers of the subconscious of your governmental conscious is what is fed to the government that doesn't quite fit with their data blocks, but they are not quite willing to discard. Some of that has to do with crashed ships. On the deeper, scarier level, is the information they themselves don't want to look at. It is the stuff that will change reality itself. It is the information that will threaten the very integrity of the data blocks within the conscious organism. An example of this type of information might be an awareness of the abduction programs. This is such a terrifying thought to the government that it must keep this area secure. The subconscious of the governmental organism is probably the most top secret area because it holds the most fear for them.

On the unconscious level of the governmental organism is the knowledge of what is really going on. This is blocked. There has been trauma which caused these blockages. The trauma has do with ancient extraterrestrial encounters from before recorded history.

So you see, your government as a structure is going to deal with ET contact in the same way you as an individual will deal with it psychologically. You will either compartmentalize and keep secrets from other levels of yourself, or eventually there will be a desire to seek wholeness.

The government is not responsible for the reality of secrecy that you are experiencing. You are responsible for the reality of the government. As you all change individually within yourselves and open up channels through which you can integrate, the structure of the government must change because it is a reflection of you.

Your personal integration as you prepare for ET contact and as you acknowledge its existence is crucial. It is one of the most important things in the entire extraterrestrial phenomenon. Measuring the size of the ships and what color lights they flash is all peripheral. The most important thing is how this phenomenon changes your consciousness. As your consciousness changes, reality itself changes. If you want a different reality regarding ET contact, then you must change yourself.

You are not alone. There are thousands of us who have gone through our own evolutionary process similar to yours. We are here to hold your hand. We're not going to do it for you, but we will be there. You must be willing to take the first step, or the gap between us will not close. We will then forever stand on opposite sides of the chasm.

It is time now for that chasm to close and for us to build a bridge upon which we can meet. It all starts with you.

The information in this article is expounded upon in the book Preparing for Contact by Lyssa Royal.

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