Sirian Time Capsules

written by Lyssa Royal
Posted Wed, 19-Jun-1996 23:08:20 GMT

Lyssa Royal Holt

Lyssa Royal Holt is an internationally recognized author, lecturer and channel. She was raised in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. While getting her B.A. degree in Psychology, she developed an interest in hypnosis and learned to place herself in altered states of consciousness for the purpose of stress management. This ability helped her to develop the necessary skills for her later development as a channel.

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Sydney, Australia
August 29, 1995
The Sirian through Lyssa Royal

Greetings to all of you this night. It is with great respect and honor that you have invited us to be here with your energy. We are most grateful. Together we will cocreate a joyous time. You may simply refer to this energy as "the Sirian". We know Earth humans love labels, so there is a label for you. We promise this night that we will not be too "Sirius."

Let us give you the schedule for the evening. We know we have a short period to speak in your time. Time still confounds us. But, we will endeavor to understand linearity for this evening and honor your needs. In the short time available to us, this is the schedule: 1. We will talk to you about the idea of "landings." We will give you a, hopefully, expanded perspective on that idea. 2. We will talk to you about what we have called a "time capsule" which is existent within the energy bodies of humans. We'll be more specific momentarily. This time capsule at this period now is beginning to be triggered due to the increased energy upon your world. When we are finished with this, perhaps if there is time, there will be some questions.

There has been much information circling around your world having to do with the idea of landings -- whether they be by Sirians, Pleiadians, or any such entities from the stars. We would like to talk to you a little bit about that idea. Unfortunately when this information comes to you from other dimensional realms, it must be 3-D-ified [making a play on the word "deified"]. That has many twists, does it not? In its 3-D-ification, it gets a little bit misunderstood. So, we are going to attempt to broaden the concept a little bit for you.

The idea has been that one miraculous day...(and this day has been awaited for thousands of years)...the ship is going to land. The ETs are going to get out, and everything will be okay. Happily ever after. And many of you have so diligently taken out your lawn chairs and you have sat outside in the bush waiting for that day to arrive. Yet, you are still asking all the channels, "When is that day going to arrive?"

Recognize the idea of a fixed date is a 3-D-ification. Fixed dates, though they be nice, express the idea of linear information, in a sense, a 3-D-ification. This does not allow for the idea of the ever-expanding, always changing idea of multidimensionality.

With dates and times, keep your tongue planted firmly in cheek and simply allow yourself to live your life to the fullest and allow yourself to continue on your own path of opening and awakening. Because, that is the path that will, in fact, accelerate any type of open landing situation.

What will not happen then, will be that the Earth sits and waits. The ship lands, and everything will be okay and you will all live happily ever after. No. What will happen, is a little bit of a twist. It is a 4-D-ification rather than a 3-D-ification. It looks like this:

People on Earth (which doesn't have to be everyone, it might just be enough for the hundredth monkey effect) begin processes of personal growth and spiritual awakening, of traveling multidimensionally through Merkabah explorations or other forms of expansion. By doing this, they open their consciousness. They tunnel holes in the tightly woven fabric of the paradigm that you have been existing within during the great galactic cycle in which you have been asleep. Some of you have heard about the Yugas, the cycles that occur galactically. You are just coming out of that cycle of sleep now into the cycle of wakefulness.

When you are in the sleep cycle the fabric of the mass consciousness that encloses you is tightly woven like a tight piece of canvas cloth. Therefore, new ideas have a difficult time penetrating that tightly woven cloth. This keeps you very securely asleep in that cycle. As you begin to move out of that cycle and move into the awakening cycle, the fabric begins to loosen and lighten. Light can begin permeating. Thought and consciousness can begin permeating. The fabric itself begins to start looking a little bit like swiss cheese with lots and lots of holes. It is then when you experience paradigm shift. Once paradigm shift occurs, reality fabric changes. That which was unseen previously now becomes seen.

When you awaken, and you make everything "okay", then you will see the beings landing and communicating openly. You will come to understand they have been there all along. But the fabric of the paradigm was so tightly woven you could not see through it. No matter how brightly the lights you shone through that fabric, you still could not see it clearly. Now as the fabric loosens, you tunnel your way through that fabric. You see that which was there all along. That is 4-D-ification. That is what you have to look forward to. That day is entirely cocreated by all of you.

This is why each and every one of you and the gifts that you have to give to your planet, to each other, and to yourselves are so very important and so very vital. Because each opening you have as an individual tunnels another hole through that tightly woven fabric of the paradigm. Each and every one of you are responsible for that opening. No one will do it for you.

This brings us then to the idea of how you have 3-D-ified throughout history. Throughout history there have been many extraterrestrial visitations. You have them logged in many of your ancient records. Great numbers of populations of the ancient peoples deified (3-D-ified, i.e. worshipped) these extraterrestrials as being "better", "more powerful", "more spiritual" than themselves. In doing so, humans perpetuated the idea of separation and that someone must save you from yourselves. Ultimately, no one, no one can save you from yourselves. All of us in the other realms are very glad to assist, but we will never do the work for you. We would never dishonor you by taking away those lessons.

You as a people have these lessons, these very painful lessons, locked deeply within your cellular memory about the ancient interactions with extraterrestrial beings. So when the idea of landing and open contact is presented to the mass consciousness, there is a bit of trepidation and fear. Your ancient cellular memory remembers that in the ancient past (though you experienced at times the joy of salvation by some of us who came and stuck our nose where it didn't belong), you also experienced the pain of separation or abandonment when we left and could no longer help you.

We have been silent for a long time so you could begin learning the idea of self- empowerment, and learn that all you need is within you. You needn't look to any of us to do it for you. We can encourage you, but we won't do it for you. 3D, the old sleep cycle, was a cycle of deification. It was a cycle where God, seemingly, was outside of you. That was the illusion. That was the old pattern. That, in and of itself, can no longer be maintained as you now poke the holes through that thick fabric and begin creating the new paradigm. Now you begin touching the idea of All -- the interconnectedness of All.

The beautiful beings that you speak to [in channelings all over the world] exist inside of you. They are not outside of you, they are a part of you. You have their wisdom within you and they are simply reflecting that which you already know. It is now why, at this time, we can return at some point soon (within your lifetime) and assist you. The choice now in the mass consciousness is such that you will no longer travel the road of deification. Finally, we will meet as equals. Until that day happens, landings in the mass way that you have envisioned will not occur. We will no longer perpetuate the idea that you are separate from us and that we are more knowledgeable than you. That is untrue.

This lead us then to the other idea we wish to discuss. In ancient, ancient days upon your planet when the genetic engineering was taking place within Homo sapiens there was a lot of political infighting between various ET groups. We will certainly admit that we have been, and still are, in a process of learning and growth. We had our own conflicts as well. The Sirians, as a whole, have always deeply been your protectors. We have fought for you (sometimes openly, sometimes very secretly). During the time of the genetic engineering we knew that many other extraterrestrial groups had their eyes on you, wanting to create you to their own specifications and desiring to use you for their own purposes. We interfered a little bit. (That is a polite way of saying it.)

There are many different energetic fields that exist around the body. Some of you are learning about the tetrahedronal fields that make up the Merkabah. We decided that we would implant on that energetic and etheric level within several of the tetrahedronal fields what we can call "time capsules." These time capsules contain your galactic memory, the history of your world, the history of your lineage. It is all of the holographic information that you need to remember in order to experience that whole self you are seeking to become.

This has never been held from you. This is a fallacy. You are simply on an evolutionary path. The time capsules we implanted assured your species that when a certain vibrational level occurred in your consciousness and galactically, it would trigger the release of the time capsule information. Not all at once. It would give you a bit of a headache. It will be released in increments that can be digested.

You have heard much information about the photon energy. Some people call it different things. Whatever you call it, you are aware that increased energy is coming to your world now. This increased energy is going to begin triggering these time capsules. Actually, it has already begun.

The first time capsule being triggered is the one that was implanted in the star tetrahedronal field of the mental body. That is the first one. This is as much as we can give you right now regarding this information. Right now we won't tell you how to accelerate that because if you accelerate it [by force], the time capsule won't be doing its job. It will occur in the natural state it needs to as long as you continue resonating with the increased energy rather than resisting it. At a later time, we will talk to you about the other time capsules implanted in the other fields around the body. Right now, this is the first one. At a time in the near future we will talk to you about opening the "combination lock" on it.

Now that you know it exists, those of you who wish to be pioneers and explore might want to conduct some experiments as you are doing your Merkabah meditations. Go into the star tetrahedronal field, the male tetrahedronal field, and see if you can find it. Some of you may see it, some of you may sense it. You don't have to do anything with it. Just see if you can find it. That is all. This will be a wonderful exercise in allowing you to begin sensing actual data that is stored in the fields around your body. Have fun. Do not be afraid. There is nothing to fear from this.

Of what we have said, without straying into other directions for we must honor your linearity, is there a question for clarification?

Q: What role does the ego play in this?

The ego has helped to keep the fabric in place. The ego has been a very valuable tool for all of you in 3-D-ification, because you've needed to learn to separation. That was part of the lesson in 3D. The ego is the "taxi driver" that takes you through the 3D experience. The ego keeps that sheath, that fabric, in place. So now as you are moving more into the other dimensional realms, the ego will play less of a role.

By the way, this has to do with why so many of you can't remember the experiences you have in other dimensions. This frustrates the heck out of you! You are trying to remember other- dimensional experiences in this ego-dominated dimension, when the totality of yourself exists more in the other realms. It is the ego that is struggling to remember something that has happened in an egoless realm. Do you see the dichotomy? It is very difficult.

Therefore if you are struggling for your memory, try a new tactic. Do not attempt to bring it through your memory in a form of linearity -- in the form of dates, places, times, planetary systems, etc. It will not work. Bring the memory through the emotional body instead. Bring it through the intuitive body. Bring it through the imagination, and the use of archetypes and symbology. This will help it leak it through and leak it through until eventually the ego will come to an understanding that it may not be able to express verbally, but will understand nonetheless.

Do not fret. Do not pull your hair out if you cannot remember what happens in your Merkabah meditations or when you are visiting the ships. It is not a sign of your denseness. It is simply that right now it is the ego struggling for the knowledge when it is not an ego-dominated realm! Do not worry. And if you know something happened and you can't quite remember it, it doesn't mean that you are evolving as slow as a turtle. Do not worry. It is all right. It is all perfect. Give yourselves a break.

Now, to honor your linearity we will take our leave. It has been our pleasure to speak to you. We are deeply grateful for your allowance and your invitation. We have enjoyed our "Sirius" chat.

1995 by Royal Priest Research. This manuscript may be copied for private distribution.

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