Swimming to the Stars

written by Lyssa Royal
Posted Wed, 19-Jun-1996 23:09:03 GMT

Lyssa Royal Holt

Lyssa Royal Holt is an internationally recognized author, lecturer and channel. She was raised in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. While getting her B.A. degree in Psychology, she developed an interest in hypnosis and learned to place herself in altered states of consciousness for the purpose of stress management. This ability helped her to develop the necessary skills for her later development as a channel.

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Maya (a Dolphin) Through Lyssa Royal Holt
Sydney, Australia - August 29, 1995

Greetings, dear ones. This energy is the Sirian female aspect you call dolphin. You may refer to the being who is speaking as "Maya". We understand in your linearity we have but a short time. So we will give you a brief message.

We hold Sirian energy upon your world, as we have for millennia, in the seas, in the oceans of your world. Know that you are not all entirely responsible for the transformation on your world. We assist you in helping to hold the mass conscious grid for transformation. Understand that in population, in numbers, there are a great many of us. We outnumber you and we work with you in holding the female aspect of the mass conscious grid as you hold the male aspect of the mass conscious grid. We work together, in concert, through what you call dreamtime. We are never separate from you.

The illusion has been created that we are fish and that we do good tricks for you. We jump through your hoops with a smile on our faces and joy in our hearts. We go to sleep at night patting ourselves on the back because we have trained you to feed us fish. Thank you for the fish.

Now our communication must approach a new level. You often joke on your world that male and female come from different planets (you seem alien to each other). Well, we dolphin represent your human alien species here on Earth. We are alien to humans in that sense. Should you choose to practice communication with us and our other cetacean brothers and sisters, you prepare yourself for meeting face-to-face other alien brothers from the stars. We, as alien as we may seem to you, are less alien than your star brothers.

Right now your star brothers communicate through what you have called "channeling." Their communications are humanized in order that you may understand them. But, the communications from your star brothers are from an alien paradigm -- one more alien than the dolphin paradigm. We are now accepting the role as your trainers. Ha, ha, ha.

What kind of fish do you like?

We now teach you how to communicate with other alien species. We are your doorway to the stars, through your ocean. Because we are a gate for that which you call "Sirius energy," we also hold much of your (and our) shared galactic memory.

So in communication and practice with us, you touch not only yourselves in the sea, but yourselves in the stars as well. We are a gate for you. We offer ourselves as friends to share in the new era upon our world.

There is a universal understanding regarding the time when an alien species first comes to a planet to communicate. The alien species must first communicate with the elders of that world. In doing so, they gain permission to open contact with the whole planet, including those who are "asleep." Cetaceans (Dolphins, Whales) represent your planetary elders. We have been here the longest. We have, on your behalf, accepted a contact program. It has begun. You are formally notified. We, for now, are liasons between you and the stars. But you will need us no longer in that capacity soon.

We represent the planetary heart. We join hearts with you always. If you wish to participate in the doorway of the heart, which leads to All, which leads to contact (not only with outward entities but with yourselves), go through the heart. You will find us there...with lots of fish. And, you will find yourself.

We are honored to have been invited this evening by all of you. If you would take one moment and close your eyes. See my form, which represents the form of all dolphins. Feel the grid of consciousness that we hold. Feel yourself connect through the heart to this grid. Feel, for a moment, our deep, deep love. We too are earthlings.

Swim with us in your dreams this night
Swim with us to the stars
Swim with us back to yourselves
Swim with us back to the All.

Our love to you. Good night.

1995 by Royal Priest Research, All Rights Reserved. This manuscript may be copied for private distribution.

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