Germane through Lyssa Royal - May 16, 1992
Excerpt from Tape #125 - Recorded in Kyoto, Japan

Germane: Hello, this is Germane. Tonight we're going to talk about the energy of the planet and the areas that you call power spots. The first thing we're going to describe is why power spots exist. We're going to do this through the use of analogy.

The energy of your planet exists like a tapestry. As you know, there are many different colors in a tapestry, and those different colors are woven together in such a way that they form a design. When you look at this design on a tapestry, you're not always necessarily aware of the individual fibers. I'm going to get artistic here to demonstrate a point. Again, this is an example; it doesn't really look like this exactly. There are different lines of energy that run around your planet and have different qualities. Imagine that each of these different colors represents a different quality of energy, and imagine that this piece of cloth is wrapped around a sphere like your planet. These energy lines run around your planet so that all around your planet the qualities, or the different colors, are represented. Now we have only three colors [in the diagram we are using.]. If we had our choice, this would be a lot more colorful but you will get the idea.

Earth's Tapestry of Meridians

Now these energy lines that run along your planet's body are similar to the meridian lines that run on your own body. So, for instance, someone could be in an area of your planet where a blue line intersects a red line. They may then travel to, or visit, another part of the planet where a blue line intersects a red line. They will notice that the energy qualities are very similar in both places. This is because the energy lines that cross are nearly identical in each area. What this causes is a consistency of energy around your planet.

During the time of the Harmonic Convergence, many of you were going to different energy centers on the planet. In 1987, there was a span of two days that were called the Harmonic Convergence. It was a time when your Earth was moving through an energy gateway to another phase of its evolution. Many people on the planet became aware that they wanted to go to an energy center to experience this Harmonic Convergence. And so hundreds of people around the world gathered in some of the main energy spots such as Egypt, Peru and the Yucatan. The hope was that if enough people gathered at these significant energy spots, they would be able to change the consciousness of the planet.

Because these lines are like the meridians of your body, when you put energy on one part of the line, you're going to affect all the areas of the planet that are connected to that line. It's kind of like the idea of Shiatsu. When you go to one of these energy centers and you do consciousness awareness work, it's like putting pressure on one of the acupressure points of the planet, and so energy is released on the planet. This is why so many people travel to power spots. Not only does the energy there activate the individual, but he or she is also being of service to the planet as a whole.

So you can imagine that groups of people that are strategically placed along the main energy lines of the planet can actually create an entire energy shift. That's what happened during the Harmonic Convergence. The energy that all of you were part of creating actually shifted the energy of the planet. People did not have to be conscious about the Harmonic Convergence in order to be of service, for each person on the planet was in the right place at the right time, wherever they needed to be during that time period in 1987. Some people were required to be aware of the Harmonic Convergence so that they could actually make the journey to some of the power spots, but energy was needed all over the planet, so many of you who were not aware of the Harmonic Convergence were right in the right place anyway.

The energy emitted on the planet during this time created a very tremendous shift. The things that you've seen since then, such as the Berlin Wall coming down and the dissolution of communism in Russia are all a result of the energy that all of you have been putting into the mass consciousness for change, including the Harmonic Convergence. For those of you who are curious, the date was August 16 and 17 of 1987. When all of you travel to power spots today, you're doing the same thing as those people did during the Harmonic Convergence. You're helping to release pressure and energy on the planet, as well as activating yourselves.

Another thing that we'd like to explain a little bit further has to do with why you may go to one area of the planet and then go to another area and they seem so similar in energy. For instance, there was a three day channeling workshop in Ohito, Japan recently. Many of the participants had taken part in a Peru tour last year. Some people commented that some of the energy near Ohito was similar to that of Machu Picchu. The reason for that is the energy line.

Let's say the top area here represents Ohito. It's an area where a red line and a blue line cross. And let's say this lower X represents Machu Picchu. That is also an area where a red and a blue line cross, so the energy conditions are very similar. One who is perceptive may go to both of these places and actually feel that similar energy. You are not imagining this out of nowhere. You are sensing a very real energy connection.

We have talked about the chakras of the body. There are also chakra centers in the Earth. Throughout the evolution of your planet, these areas have changed. They always change in order to continue to keep a balance. So we're going to tell you about the correlation of the chakras and the main energy centers on the planet.

Earth's Chakras

Chakra number one, which on your body is the base chakra, has a correlation with the area of your world which you call Mt. Sinai. Again, these specific areas do change throughout time on your planet. However, this one has been fairly consistent. The base chakra has been in the Middle East area literally since the beginning of humanity. Throughout time, since the beginning of humankind, it has shifted places in the Middle East, but it hasn't really wandered that far. This is where the base energy of your planet emanates from. The qualities of the root chakra have to do with survival, and this is close to the area in your world where the birth of civilization occurred. In a nonintegrated society such as yours, it's often common that the base chakra area of the planet will be an area that has a lot of fear. It's also an area that will frequently have a lot of conflict. And of course, that area on your planet has had quite a lot of conflict, literally, since the beginning of humankind. When the energy of conflict resolves itself in the Middle East, that will be the end of conflict on your planet.

For the second chakra, we apologize that we can't be specific due to the channel's lack of knowledge of geography. However, it is in an area of Brazil near to the Amazon. The second chakra of the planet has moved around quite a bit throughout history. For now this is where the second chakra energy is located. If you remember, the second chakra energy is the integration of the male and the female, it's the integration of the sexual energy. It also holds some of the more primitive emotions. The energy of the Brazilian Amazon area radiates those qualities. This second chakra also works a lot with the deep unconscious. Deep in the unconscious, humans will process a lot of their shadows, their dark sides. This area of the world energetically is helping to process the human shadow.

The third chakra, which is the solar plexus in your world, corresponds to a mountain area called Kilimanjaro in Africa. The qualities of the solar plexus chakra are intention and motivation and also the energy of strength and courage. Some of the very first-oh, we're going to get into some ET history which may sound complicated-one of the first settlements of humans who were genetically engineered by the extraterrestrials was in this area. Without going into a lot of history, we will say that there were, in the early times, humans who were the subject of the extraterrestrials, or they were watched over and ruled by the extraterrestrials. The first group of humans who attempted to liberate themselves from ET rule were in this area. So for quite some time, this area has embodied the energy of intention, motivation, courage and strength. In a sense, this is the area of your planet from where the motivation for life energetically emits.

The fourth chakra is the heart chakra. It correlates with the area on your planet called Haleakala. Haleakala is a volcano in Maui, Hawaii. If we had to pinpoint it, we would say that Haleakala is the emanation point of that energy. It is there that the energy of the heart, or of unconditional love, is being radiated into the mass consciousness. When one visits this area, it is natural that the heart chakra opens very wide.

Of course, those of you who are interested in dolphins know that there are quite a lot of dolphins in that area. A lot of them are there for that heart energy, for dolphins help humans to open their hearts. We would say that the dolphins are also the first conscious mammals who accept that heart energy for the planet.

The fifth chakra, which relates to the throat is the area of your planet called Mt. Shasta. That is located in northern California. The qualities of the throat chakra are communication and expression. We've heard many people ask why America seems to be the center of new ideas and new thought. The energy of Mt. Shasta is the gateway through which communication can be channeled into your mass consciousness. We're talking about communications of a higher level of consciousness-communication about the spirit and communication about the human potential. Some of the very foundational spiritual teachings from America came from the Mt. Shasta area. So Mt. Shasta's responsibility is the channeling of the energy of communication worldwide.

The sixth chakra, which is the third eye, is in the area of your Himalayas. We apologize we cannot be more specific about the exact mountain. Generally, since the creation of mankind, the sixth chakra location has been in the Himalayas. It's changed location slightly, but it's been in that general area. Now the qualities of the third eye chakra, as you are aware, are inner vision and intuition. The Himalayan area for thousands of years has been the seat of esoteric knowledge. Some of the most peaceful belief systems that people have had on your planet came from that area. It is there that the future vision for your planet is held.

The seventh chakra, which is the crown chakra, is Fujisan (Mt. Fuji). The reason for this is very specific. The energy of Japan is forming a bridge between the East and the West. As you know, the philosophies of the East and the West have never agreed. The West has focused on the intellect and has ignored the spirit. The East has been much more interested in the spirit and not as interested in the intellect. They've never been able to come to any type of balance or integrated agreement.

So then, how will the planet's East and West energies blend together? This will happen through a culture that has a very strong Eastern foundation of spirituality. This culture will have to feel comfortable and excited about using the intellect as well. This culture will have to be willing to integrate the East and West energies. If you think about it, what other culture on the planet can do that, but Japan? Japan is a gateway between the East and the West. It is here, through the symbolic crown chakra, that the final integration of opposing energies will occur on your planet. To be more specific, we mean the final integration between spirit and matter. And so, the energy center within Japan that is serving as the focus point is Fuji-san.

You Can Help Maintain the Chakras' Balance

All of the qualities of these different places are as important to the body of the planet as your chakras are to your own bodies. At times, they may go out of balance and another of the chakras may have to compensate. When one of the other chakras needs to compensate, that is often when you go to these specific areas and help the energy in that area.

Now, let's complicate this further. Remember the wheel we drew that showed you the different facets of one specific chakra? Each of these energy chakras of the planet also has minor chakras which represent the dormant energy. We're not going to list all of them. It would take much too long.

However, we'll give you a little homework assignment. As you travel around your country and your world, be aware of sensing the energy in your travels. You may go to certain places that will be secondary chakra points. We'll describe this in a moment. The secondary chakra points basically help these main chakra points balance the energy. They are not the center point, but they help the main chakras. We will give you an example. For instance, the energy of the Yucatan is a secondary chakra point that helps the processing of the second chakra. So if you travel to the Yucatan and you travel to Brazil, you might sense similar energy.

All Chakras Are Found in Sedona

Sedona has representative energy of each of the chakras, so Sedona is not just one vortex but a combination of many. If you feel as though you want to travel the world to all the chakra points but that is really inconvenient, just take one trip to Sedona. You'll get a little taste of each of these different energies.

Now, we would like to say that your natural life flow will lead you to any area of the planet that you need to go to. Since you are not living on the planet but as a part of the planet, your life flow, or where you find yourself, will always help the planet's energy. So if you feel that you want to travel the planet and be of service but you can't do it, rest assured that your natural travels will take you to the places you need to go to be of service. It's never necessary for you to go to any of these places. Ultimately, you can connect with all of these places within your own consciousness.

Now, we rarely get to take questions from someone who has been at all of our sessions, so do you have any questions?

The first part of the question has to do with Kyoto and the ET connection.

In ancient times, Kyoto was a main center for extraterrestrial communications. When we say center, we're talking about physical ET contact as well as telepathic contact. Your city of Kyoto has had the role of capital city of the past, the capital city of the Japanese islands for extraterrestrial contact. Though there is a strong Pleiadian energy there, it is also connected to the energy of the Association of Worlds, for in ancient days, it was quite an intergalactic city with many, many different civilizations from many different planets visiting it.

What's really interesting is that many cultures on your planet have sacred structures but they no longer understand the meaning of some of the architecture. If you take a look at many of your temples with the spiral structure on the top, they are very similar to some of your contemporary radio towers. The conscious mind may have forgotten the extraterrestrial heritage on your planet, but the subconscious has not. You are generally going to find that the areas of Japan that have a lot of temples with that type of top were once strong ET communication centers. As you travel your world, you're going to find other such structures, different styles because the culture is different, but with the same function of being communication centers.

The Kyoto/Canberra (Australia) Connection

To tie in something that the channel was asking us, there is a connection between Kyoto and the Australian city of Canberra. The energy vibrations are very similar, for Canberra was an ancient center of ET communications, too. Today, both Kyoto and Canberra still maintain energetic communication but it's all on a telepathic level with ETs. But when one enters Kyoto, one's consciousness opens to that type of contact. Most likely it occurs in the dream state. Many of you have much excitement to look forward to when you go to sleep tonight. Between chakra work and ET energy, you should have a very exciting night.

In terms of the question asked about Mt. Kurama, [a sacred mountain in Kyoto], the energy of that mountain is connected to a consciousness that is called Sanat Kumara. That energy is a name for the consciousness that represents your mass consciousness. The name Sanat Kumara refers to the unified energy of your mass consciousness. It is like the higher self of the planet. There are areas on your planet that are energetically compatible to receive this higher self energy of the planet. Kyoto is one such place. We were informed that a festival of the same name is being held the same day in Kyoto and in the Himalayas. That festival is also connected to reception of the higher self of the mass consciousness of Earth.

What about Mt Fuji?

Many people around your world are predicting volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. We could say with all certainty that between now and the end of your planet, yes it will erupt. However, whether it erupts in your lifetime or not has not been chosen yet.

Planetary Kundalini

Now, maybe you've heard of something called the kundalini experience. It has been sought after by many peoples since the teachings began on your planet. Generally speaking, the kundalini experience starts in the root chakra. There is a gathering of energy that moves up, up, up through the chakras and erupts through the crown. If Fuji erupts, or when it erupts, it will be a planetary kundalini experience. People are very quick to say that some type of an eruption or earthquake may be something negative, but it is not necessarily that. This planetary kundalini experience can happen energetically or it can happen physically. How it will manifest has not yet really been decided. But the kundalini experience is, for many, the ultimate spiritual experience. If it erupts, it most likely is a very powerful sign. However, if it doesn't erupt those powerful changes can still occur.

The planetary chakras that we've outlined are not necessarily the same thing as the power centers on your planet. Some of these places you may visit but not feel a lot of power. We will use the body as an example. In Shiatsu, pressing on the areas of the chakras is not necessarily going to release a lot of energy. That doesn't mean that those chakra areas are not main energy centers of the body. They do not respond, necessarily, to the Shiatsu, whereas other parts of the body do.

The power centers such as Egypt and Peru and the Yucatan are like the main acupressure points in the body. For instance, there is a very powerful acupressure point that exists between the base of the thumb and the base of the forefinger. When that pressure point is stimulated, a tremendous amount of energy that is held in the body is released. When you go to Peru, for example, it's like pressing one of those energy centers. It may not be connected to a chakra, but it releases a tremendous amount of energy. Does that make it a little clearer?

How will visiting the energy centers affect the physical body?

Well, we would say that the Yucatan area will work first of all on the emotional level by releasing a lot of pent up emotional energy. It will also begin to heal the inner male and female. The physical body will respond to this release of energy. Any block that you hold in a specific chakra will eventually manifest in physicality as discomfort if it's not released.

So visiting an area like the Yucatan for instance, will help release some of that pent up energy so that the physical body will not experience discomfort. On the physical level, as the emotions are releasing energy, the cellular level will release toxins. This is one of the primary reasons why humans get ill in the areas of Egypt, the Yucatan and Peru; your body is responding to the release of the emotions that is occurring on an energetic level. The body will reflect what's going on in the energetic field. As the energetic body is releasing toxins, the physical body will release toxins as well. We don't want to be too specific in describing Egypt, Peru and the Yucatan and what they do for the body because it's really dependent on the individual. We, in a sense, can get into trouble if we try to make it very rigid. But, simply, your entire physical body and your energetic body will go through dramatic change. The clearer you are emotionally, the less likely you are to experience the traveler's disease. But the changes that occur for you in these places are from the energetic level right down to the basic cellular level.

In many of the esoteric teachings on your planet, they teach of the chakras that correspond to the nonphysical body. We have heard information from several people that there are seven nonphysical chakras, we've heard there are five nonphysical chakras. We've heard a lot.

If we were to tell you how many there were, the best thing we could say is that you could never stop counting. They continue into infinity. However, that could drive you crazy. So people become aware of more and more chakras as they grow spiritually. At least for now, we have chosen to focus only on the chakras that correlate to your physical body. This is our personal choice; since you are all physical, we have decided to work with those physical chakras.

It goes without saying that the planet has nonphysical chakras, but that is really getting into quite esoteric information. I really don't want to go any further with that.

Angels Symbolize ET Energies

There was a time when extraterrestrials were walking openly on your planet and interacting with humans. During that time, humans were very aware that extraterrestrials came from space. However, when the extraterrestrials finally left the planet and were gone for several generations, that's when mythology began. As stories are passed from generation to generation, they often become distorted, so the stories of these extraterrestrial beings from space changed themselves into mythology that was filled with symbols. Angels are one of those mythical symbols that once represented extraterrestrial consciousness.

When one is looking for proof of angels or any of these "mythical" figures being ETs, as you read the literature, it becomes very obvious. The Christian Bible is filled with stories of extraterrestrial interaction. They have changed from literal stories to mythological translations or interpretations. Today your planet puts mythology in the category of the unreal. It is quite interesting that the clues to who you are and who you will become are locked in that mythology, for as you examine your planet's ancient connections, all of your questions will be answered.

As you awaken to the ancient extraterrestrial knowledge and discover more about yourselves, all your questions will be answered. The clues about your heritage are all within your mythology. So yes, angels are absolutely representative of extraterrestrial energy.

So for now, we are going to bid you all a very exciting night. Dream well. Much love to you. Good night.

(This article appeared on page 45 of the May, 1993 issue of The Sedona Journal of Emergence)