Zeta Reticuli Revelations

written by Lyssa Royal
Posted Fri, 17-Nov-1995 00:01:50 GMT

Lyssa Royal Holt

Lyssa Royal Holt is an internationally recognized author, lecturer and channel. She was raised in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. While getting her B.A. degree in Psychology, she developed an interest in hypnosis and learned to place herself in altered states of consciousness for the purpose of stress management. This ability helped her to develop the necessary skills for her later development as a channel.

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Bashar and Harone - Channeled By Lyssa Royal - October 27, 1990 - Los Angeles

Bashar: Allow me to say greetings! This evening's topic, as most of you are aware, has to do with Zeta Reticuli. They have been continuing their projects with you by your allowance. They have made some discoveries. They are learning, they are growing, and a portion of their consciousness wishes to share their discoveries with you.

This evening of your time there will be a representative who will speak to you directly as a representative of the Zeta Reticuli culture. There will be some assimilation required by this channel in order to assimilate the energy of this being. He will begin speaking as the energy begins assimilating. He will take questions from you and you together will co-create the evening.

Before we facilitate this blending, are there questions on the topic?

Question: I have heard that the Zeta Reticuli are suffering from Glaucoma--a deterioration in their eyes. I heard they were in need of marijuana in the purest form because the tried to synthesize a chemical, but it apparently did not agree with their DNA and RNA. Is that accurate?
Bashar: We do not perceive that idea to be accurate. Most notably with the group that will be speaking this evening. For they have not allowed themselves the connection with the idea called pain.
Question: As we understand Glaucoma, there is no pain. It is just deterioration.
Bashar: In that sense we perceive perhaps the source of the information may be labeling the Zetas when they mean another group. That is really all we will say now.
Question: You mentioned that the Zetas made some discoveries. I am curious to know what those discoveries are.
Bashar: In your statement/question, you have tapped into the aspect of their discovery. We know this is a riddle for you for now, but you will see. They will explain some of these discoveries. Hold on to your hats.
Question: How many different types of Zetas are there? I was under the impression there are dozens.
Bashar: It would be the idea of saying, "How many types of Americans are there?" However, you can lump them into perhaps three broad groups. Within these three types, there are tremendous variations. They are not a clear-cut species, as Americans are not a clear-cut group. We use that analogy directly.

The idea simply is that the three broad categories will represent, 1) Straight Zeta. This group will be the Zeta consciousness that exists within the outer perimeters of fourth density reality. Therefore their reality is just barely, barely physical, mostly plasmic in nature. They are deliberately keeping their vibration from transitioning into fifth density. Therefore they cannot interact directly with you except in altered states of consciousness. They cannot enter your physical reality.

Category number two is the idea of 2) Altered Zeta. These would be Straight Zeta consciousness altered either physically or in their consciousness to allow themselves to be able to interact with you on the physical plane, or in a type of quasi-physical reality...one moment...one moment...This is the broadest category.

Category number three would be 3) Hybrid. This spans many different offshoots. The idea that you call the negatively-oriented groups are not necessarily placed within these categories we have outlined, though they can be, for purposes of illustration. But in a sense, they [the negatives] have their own categories. Question?

Question: Is the Zeta speaking tonight named Harone? Will you be with him physically?
Bashar: Yes. Yes.
Question: Can you give us the location from where you will be speaking to us from?
Bashar: Down the hall in the closet to the left. [laughter]
Question: That's a dumb question. I realize you'll be on some ship somewhere.
Bashar: Yes.
Question: Where is this ship in respect to Earth?
Bashar: Within the atmosphere of your planet. A ship of approximately 30 individuals.
Question: What is your interest in being within physical proximity of Harone when he speaks to us?
Bashar: Balancing.
Question: Is it necessary, or is it just convenient to do that?
Bashar: It is not necessary. All the ideas are taken into account including the needs of the physical channel, including the needs and "desires" (so to speak) of the entity communicating. Also, whether or not I am in the neighborhood.
Question: So in other words, you guys chug back a couple beers and then you come to the channeling.
Bashar: Kind of like that, yes.
Question: Could you give a briefing on Harone for the group here so that when he speaks, everyone here will have an idea of who they are speaking to?
Bashar: One moment. The entity Harone can be considered Altered Zeta consciousness. He can enter both your nonphysical reality such as the dreamstate, and can at times interact with you on the physical level. He is a coordinator (if you wish to call it that) of genetic projects. Is that enough?
Question: I have a follow-up to that. When you say "Altered Zeta," do you mean that he is of a hybrid race? Or that he has been altered in his own physical body?
Bashar: He has been altered in his own physical body type.
Question: What would be the nature of that alteration?
Bashar: The nature of that alteration consists of the placing of the being within an environment that has a different vibratory frequency than the one that is his natural state. This will allow him an assimilation to the new vibration which is a down-stepping of vibration so that he may communicate with you.
Question: Is that uncomfortable for him to undergo that?
Bashar: He does not understand the idea of discomfort, but perhaps you would find it so, yes.
Question: If humanoids were to take up travel in outer space, how much change would have to happen to these bodies where they would work well in space?
Bashar: One of the primary changes will be the change in your connection to your time continuum which would allow your DNA structure to unlock from the template of planet Earth time continuum. This would then allow more freedom within the consciousness to allow for other type of travel and expansion that will occur once you leave your solar system.
Question: What type of time system would people on a space ship adopt?
Bashar: Subjective time, rather than objective time. Simply the idea that your time is gauged from subjective means, from internal means, rather than the idea of having an external influence that dictates your time. Time becomes experiential.
Question: Even though it is becoming more experiential to us now?
Bashar: Yes. It will become even more so.
Question: Would that mean that if you had some kind of a chronograph or wrist watch that it would keep different time for you than for someone else?
Bashar: In that sense, the chronograph will not work. The electromagnetic fields would allow it to not operate in the way it was designed.
Question: It is my understanding that the Zetas did a lot of collecting of data on addiction and codependency. Did Harone have anything to do with that?
Bashar: You may be able to dialogue with him, though at this time they may have some beginnings of understandings. But they are still processing data. You may engage him if you wish.
Question: How much would diet change for humanoids in outer space?
Bashar: Diet will change significantly depending upon your diet on the physical plane. You will find the ingestation of meat products will considerably drop because your need for ingestation of such substances is dependent upon planetary gravitational fields. You will find that you will begin learning to ingest plasmic energy from the environment itself--cosmic energy if you wish. You may also find that you will simply ingest liquid substances rather than bulk foods. Most of it has to do with leaving the gravitational field.
Question: The body works more efficiently once it leaves the gravitational field?
Bashar: We would not judge it qualitatively such as that. It will adapt to a different environment.
Question: Before we speak to Harone, could you address the group briefly and share about your heritage?
Bashar: The race that I represent, Essassani, has been considered to be a cross between you-- human--and Zeta Reticuli. Therefore in that sense we can consider ourselves to be your children...birthed from love.
Question: Can you tell us how that cross was achieved?
Bashar: Understand the idea that though we have our own ancient time line, our own ancient history, the time lines converge at the point at which the Zeta Reticuli concluded their experiments. In a sense, our past joined. It is a spiritual evolution in a sense. We thus have our own ancient history, but we also represent the joining of two races. We represent the idea of integration for what you consider to be the entire galactic family. But we are one manifestation of the Zeta experiments.
Question: Was there any physical or quasi-physical blending of our DNA with the Zetas' DNA to create your species?
Bashar: Yes. In the preliminary stages, yes.
Question: What is the purpose and mission of the Zeta contact?
Bashar: The main focus of their work is multifold. We would say the idea that we would wish to stress the most is the idea that they are teaching you about fear. They are allowing you to move through your deepest fears, allowing you in an archetypal way to bring up those fears for transformational clearing. They are in that sense representing to you the idea of unity as you represent to them the idea of individuality. You are in a sense two opposite ends of a pole, and you are integrating together to form one integrated consciousness. You are learning from each other. You are growing from each other. You are giving each other many gifts. Neither one of you are victims of the other. You are all cocreators in all that is going on.

We are speaking of species evolution on a very basic level all the way through to the spiritual level. Your race is allowing itself now to make an evolutionary leap. The Zeta Reticuli are allowing themselves to do the same. Together you will synchronize these leaps into a grand dance. You are, in that sense, mirror images of each other, each choosing to play out the opposite idea. You are discovering your opposites through each other.

Question: Was there a council or governing body who granted permission for the genetic experiments? Or was it a random choice?
Bashar: Understand the idea that within linear time many of you will understand that there will need to be some type of council in order to "pass a law." But in this case, all is understood on deeper levels. All is understood on mass conscious levels. When they seek you out they cannot interact with you unless you have given them permission. If any of you in this room have not given them permission, they cannot find you.

So if this is an interaction that is occurring in your life and you have not yet allowed yourself to embrace the idea in totality that it is something you have chosen--that it is something that is mutually beneficial to both of you--then the idea would be for you to explore your own joining with them, of your own choice, of your own willingness to be of service. The idea would thus be that you are either a victim or you are not. There is no middle ground.

They can only see you if you give them permission to interact. Your mass consciousness at this time has given them permission to seek out those with whom they have formed individual agreements. If you are having contact...you must have agreed. This can be a liberating idea, if you allow it to be, because once you allow yourself to understand that you have chosen this experience, you will thus place yourself on an equal level with them and the nature of the interactions you have with them will change. You will no longer be a victim. You will be an equal participant. The quality of your interactions with them will change significantly.

This is one of the reasons why they are interacting with you--in allowing you to understand that you are not a victim, but an equal participant. As each and every one of you allow yourself to heal this rift, you will kick it into the mass consciousness with a critical mass effect that will allow the entire mass consciousness to view this idea from a different perspective--from a different light. You will thus also assist the Zeta Reticuli mass consciousness to also view it from a different light, and thus evolutionary transformation will occur within both species. It is a partnership. Always. It always has been...is...and always will be.

Question: Do you see that we have the same type of agreement with other species other than the Zetas? A cooperative interaction with others toward our evolution?
Bashar: Absolutely. Yes. Your agreement with the Pleiadian races are also examples of evolutionary agreements. Every species that you are interacting with, you have allowed there to be an agreement so that you can mutually learn from each other. There are no accidents.
Question: When the Zetas perform their "temporary detainments" of one of us, during the period of time when the body or astral body (whichever part is being detained), is it possible for there to be an instantaneous type of healing of diseased organs? Does that occur?
Bashar: It has been known to occur.
Question: By their effort, or by natural ways?
Bashar: By the join agreements between the one detained and the one doing the detaining. It will always be on an individual level rather than an across-the-board idea.
Question: Would it be a conscious decision, or would it be more subconscious?
Bashar: Frequently it is the idea you call subconscious, because if there is a conscious decision, very often the belief systems and the fears will step in. As it is a subconscious decision, the healing can be allowed. But again, it is up to the individualized agreements.
Question: I have had a lot of conscious contact the last year or two. I just want to comment that I feel such a sense of brotherhood. It is a feeling of love. I get very emotional because when it happens, it is just such a wonderful feeling of coming together.
Bashar: We thank you for your willingness to allow yourself to move through the fear and allow yourself to be of service in the sense of transmitting the vibration of love rather than the vibration of fear. Your service is felt and it is appreciated. At this time we will stop and bring through the energy that is called Harone. He will speak to you at this time of some of the discoveries he has made [through the Zeta experiments]. We thank all of you, each an every one of you for the gifts that you have given to this group this evening. We will thank you. We will bid you, as always, happy dreams.

Harone: It is our understanding that the correct opening is, "Greetings to all of you." This is the consciousness Harone, and I am assimilating to the energy field of this channel. We will allow a change and an acceleration of transmission as it is necessary.

We will share with you what we consider to be a major discovery that we have made. In conversation with several of you through several channels and in interaction with you in dreamstate levels, we have thus come to the conclusion that we have been searching for emotion within ourselves. For much time we have been searching for emotion, for we bred and cloned emotion out of our species in the belief that it would accelerate our growth and provide us with superior development. We have since understood that this was not the case. Thus you on Earth represent a genetic combination that is the closest to our original species, and so the interactions that we have with you (especially those you call "abductions") on one level are our observations of you. This is in order to learn how to become emotional once again.

The experience that some of you have read about or have had of having probes inserted into your brains, we wish to tell you the purpose of that is not for controlling you. But these probes are organic in nature and will absorb neurochemicals from your brains. They are thus extracted and we analyze those neurochemicals. In the analysis what we expect to achieve is to be able to simulate your neurochemical secretions in the desire that perhaps if we can simulate these neurochemical secretions, we will thus be able to recapture the idea of emotion.

This is not in any way meant to harm you, to hurt you, to frighten you or to control you. This is something we do wish to stress. If you can begin to understand why these procedures are undertaken, perhaps you will allow yourself not to be so frightened of them. Perhaps you will allow yourself to transmute your fear into an active and conscious cooperation with us. This will be of service to us greatly. It will also be of service to you greatly.

In conversations that we have had with other species not of your planet, and in our analysis of data that we have received from you, it has become clear that we have discovered indeed the beginnings of emotional development--though crude as it may be. We have been misinterpreting some of our motivations to be purely mental. We are now understanding that some of our motivations are not mental at all, but are driven by emotion. Though we do not understand this emotion in its entirety or even in little pieces of it, we can say that we will allow ourselves to recognize it as the beginning of an emergence of an emotional body.

This recognition we have made is the recognition that the idea called "curiosity" is indeed an emotional expression on our part, and not a mental one. Our motivation as we have always said, is one of curiosity. But we have mislabeled it as mentality instead of emotionality.

We do not know if you understand the implications of this. For us, this is a milestone, in that we can understand that all of the work that we have done in observing you and in conversation and interaction with other species is an indication to us that it has been successful. Thus it fires our motivation. Thus it fires our curiosity to continue.

We wish at this time to formally thank you for your participation in this experiment, for your participation in the growth of both of our species. I speak as a representative of my people. As I speak to you and thank you as a group in this room, know that this gratitude is emerging into your mass consciousness and is felt by all others. I speak this as a representative. I speak this with all motivation. You are thanked by us.

Question: You mentioned that you had misinterpreted curiosity to be of your mentality, rather than it being emotionally based. Is that analogous to what happens to some people on this planet who are not in touch with their emotions? Do you learn from our experiences in doing that as well as from your biochemical experiments?
Harone: It is easier for us to process the data from our biochemical experiments because that type of empirical knowledge is something we can use directly. The data that we will get from observation of all of you is somewhat more difficult for us to process, though it is still used.
Question: Is this interaction tonight being facilitated by a computer of some sort?
Harone: Yes.
Question: Is there another area that we could be of service to you? Is there something else we can do to help another area of your exploration?
Harone: One of the focuses for us now in observing you has to do with your own sexuality. We do not know if there is one thing in specific that you could assist us with, because if we knew it, we would be closer to the answer. But understand (this may sound intrusive to many of you), but many of you are aware that some of my species will at times observe you while you are engaging in sexual behavior. This has been a source of shame to some of you. We wish you to know that it is not meant as an insult, and we in no way are consciously insulting you. Those of you that have these experiences have agreed to participate. We can thus find you because of your agreement. Because of your agreement, we will observe.

As for the amount of interaction we will have with you sexually, that will be up to the agreements between you as an individual and us as a group. Simply, we would request more than any other that though we understand that your fear is a vital part (as we are told) of your transformation, should you allow yourself to release the fear, should you allow yourself to transmute the fear, you will thus aid us in discovering more about ourselves. We do not know how this will come about, but we do know that we wish to ask you to work on this fear. You are not victims. You never have been.

Question: I had a visit from some Zetas last week who were probing my stomach. I became very upset because it hurt. What was going on?
Harone: What area of your stomach?
Question: Around my belly button.
Harone: That is a common place. I am not familiar with your particular case, but it sounds as if your...
Question: I have also ceased to have my menstrual cycle.
Harone: Yes. We are being told to be delicate in this matter. The clinical term would be an extraction of ovum. We would repeat, this is not meant to frighten you. You have agreed to this. You can transmute the fear when you are in the experience by placing a very solid blue light around your body, which will lighten or make your field less dense. This will allow us to work with you easier which will cause less discomfort.

As for the stopping of your cycle, I can say I do not understand human physiology enough to tell you why that is so. But it will have to do with a resistance of some sort to something in your life or your growth.

Question: Is my boyfriend part of this too?
Harone: We sense yes. Frequently it will be with pairs--one being the primary interest and the other a supportive interest. You are the primary one at this point.
Question: I would like to know if I have had this type of contact. I feel sometimes that the contact goes back a long time. Is this actual, or is it my imagination?
Harone: It is actual. Your imagination would not create such an experience. Imagination is not the myth it is believed to be. It is a realm of reality. It is a realm that you allow communication through that you do not allow in many other ways. This is a reality.
Question: What fear is it in us that needs to be released to allow the evolutionary process to continue?
Harone: The fear of what you will become if you follow through. The fear of losing yourself. The fear of evolution.

We are told that humans fear the unknown. Yet the unknown is what drives you to face your fears. In this particular case, there is nothing but evolution. Nothing we say can make you understand this. You will need to come to terms with this yourself. It is the unknown that you fear. But yet, it is the unknown that drives you on.

Question: Also in the experiences there is ecstasy and incredible insight. Also there is the horror of the sense of invasion.
Harone: Yes. We understand, at least mentally, what you are saying. In my species there is no such thing as the idea of invasion because we see ourselves as all one. We understand that you have boundaries--that you keep yourselves separate. We have also been made aware that there are many levels of consciousness that you have. You call some of them "conscious," "subconscious," and "unconscious." From where we communicate to you from, we cannot tell the difference between those layers. And so if the subconscious is speaking one thing and the conscious another thing, we will hear the loudest voice.

Coming to peace with the idea of invasion is knowing that you cannot be invaded because everything you see, everything you experience is part of the same one thing. It is all a reflection of the whole. Nothing is outside of you. It is all a part of you. It is yourself invading yourself. Coming to terms with this and changing the perception from invasion to communion will be profound indeed. For it is not an invasion of one to another, but a joining and a communing and an integration.

At this time we will allow the vehicle a break. There will be more in the second half. We thank you for your questions, and we are told by our facilitators that the emotion you call empathy is strong in this group. We thank you. We know that together we will make this species leap, as we hold hands and take the steps together. We will disconnect. [break]

Harone: To us, no time has passed.

Question: You mentioned before for the abductee to surround themselves in the blue light to make the experience less painful. Has this been suggested by your people when they are working with humans?
Harone: Yes it has. Sometimes the blue light is implemented by the person being visited after the suggestion is given and they assume we have done it. But they have.
Question: Can you explain why you among the Zetas were chosen to be channeled?
Harone: As a coordinator of my projects, I am always looking for ways to facilitate the projects in the smoothest way. Through detailed analysis it has come to my understanding that to seek you out in what you call your conscious state (which to you is your more dominant state), we could thus state our intentions and our desires for communication that would seep into the other layers of your consciousness. So through my research, it seemed logical to communicate with you on the direct level that you value most.

I thus had to speak to individuals within various organizations such as those you call "The Association" to find out the best way to facilitate this process. It was suggested to me that there are biological channels that could relay my messages to your conscious minds. Thus the Association sought out channels who have a direct connection to myself or my research group. The ones I speak to, you, have a connection to my group--either being visited in dreamstate or actually being worked with physically. This is why I speak to you, as opposed to another.

Question: This is a process that can occur without emotions? You don't need emotions to channel through? It seems empathy is necessary on both sides.
Harone: Emotions on my end are not necessary to channel, though I am working with physical facilitators on my end [Bashar and Sasha] and the three of us are linked into a computer device that will synthesize our thoughts. They provide a balance for my thoughts so that the biological vehicle can receive them. Thus they are translated.
Question: You said you have two facilitators. Who is the other beside Bashar?
Harone: Sasha. [A Pleiadian.]
Question: Do you then personally understand the different layers of our consciousness?
Harone: I do not understand the intricacies, but I now understand that they exist.
Question: Are our different layers of consciousness a valuable tool for your growth?
Harone: We do not know enough about it at this point to be able to evaluate their value. From our point of view, it seems more to be a disservice to you than a service. So, we have not examined it in its totality. It must serve you, otherwise you would not continually perpetuate it.
Question: As I speak to you, do you understand me on a fuller level than just my conscious thoughts?
Harone: Yes. However, part of the reason that I have chosen this type of communication is so I may communicate directly with your conscious minds. Right now, in this communication, your conscious minds speak loudest. The other portions are very dim--for this communication. If I need to access other portions of you in order to bring through an answer to one of your comments, my facilitators will assist me with it.
Question: It is our understanding that you do not understand emotions from an experiential standpoint. What is it like for you to be discussing our emotions with us when you do not have an experiential understanding of it?
Harone: I obtain much of my data through my interfacing with my facilitators. The conversation that is shared with you is recorded and I use it for later research. You are communicating with the Zeta consciousness called Harone. But it is tainted with communication or flavoring from the entities Sasha and Bashar.
Question: But the subjects we are discussing about emotion, aren't they an enigma to you?
Harone: Some are. Some are not. Some are not necessary to experience in order to understand.
Question: When you did away with emotions, was love part of that? Love is so intimately related with God, where did God fit in?
Harone: My past of my race was very similar to yours, but much more extreme. We had severe toxicity, radiation, and societal dysfunction even more than you have. This imminent collapse of our planetary society allowed us to begin developing a way that we could survive. We built under ground facilities to house our physical bodies and begin seeing emotion as the root of our problems. (We are not necessarily saying this is the right thing, but this is what we did.)

Through various things that happened, we were unable to bear children and had to survive through the means of cloning. Because we were becoming adept at cloning, we thus developed a means to clone out neurochemical responses in the brain to various stimuli. Instead of your many neurochemicals, we created one neurochemical that would output the same secretion to any given stimuli. This created nonvariance in our responses. This ultimately allowed us to develop away from an understanding of ourselves as emotional humans, and focused us in our mental bodies.

The concept of love, we perceive, is present with us. But it is expressed in a different way than you may think it to be expressed. We understand we are a whole. We are a joined unit. This unit loves itself unconditionally. We can love every portion of the unit.

I am being told by my facilitators that what we experienced is not necessarily love as we think it is. It is more akin to acceptance. I do not know if this is accurate, but this is what I am told. I am also told that we are beginning to have a relationship with the idea of love as we communicate with you. This is another idea for study, for it is not something I am aware of.

Question: What about God? Was God eradicated along with emotions?
Harone: God was focused in a different way. We became an aspect or an integrated version of God. But God became, in a sense, less expansive.
Question: It was with great surprise about a month ago that I suddenly realized I had participated in some of your genetic projects. I actually perceived I had produced a fetus that was taken by you. Could you discuss this process?
Harone: We will discuss the process of the creation of fetuses, though it is our understanding at this point that we shall not validate the truth on an individual level. This is because the discovery of the truth of this for each and every one of you (if applicable) is important for your growth.

Those of you females who have made agreements in this process, there are several things that may occur. You may simply provide genetic material such as ovum to us for further research. Some of the ovum are joined with sperm. Some are used for other cloning processes. Sometimes simply just skin scrapings can provide the DNA structure that we are looking for. Other females are impregnated with a sperm sample that has been altered by us to carry some of our genetics. The embryo is allowed to incubate no more than four months at the maximum and then is removed without any trauma to the physical body.

This is not a very wide spread situation that occurs. More often than not, you will be given detailed communication through the subconscious that this is taking place so that you will not question or become traumatized when the fetus is removed. We are being reminded once again by our facilitators to stress to you that this is a cocreated choice, and this is not a usage of you as a laboratory animal. It is an agreement on the part of both of us that you will assist us in creating a joyous blending of our two species for the purpose of our own evolutionary leaps.

Sometimes after these children are gestated (approximately 10-12 of your developmental months), you will be allowed to be brought to the incubation chamber and interact with these children for the purpose of giving them the love that they need which we are so far incapable of giving them. This is also for the purpose of us monitoring and researching your maternal responses. Though we cannot understand it, we know the definition of poignancy. All the demonstrations of emotion and affection are quite poignant between mother and child. It is understood to be a very joyous and profound experience. You are assisting to birth another race.

Question: When this suddenly dawned on me, I felt good about it. It is not that there was any fear or regret.
Harone: Thank you. There are others on your planet that may not feel that way. If you encounter them, we would encourage you to share your feelings.
Question: I was just surprised because I had always thought of this as being in relation to other people, not myself. If a woman is without a partner, then is there a situation that happens where a fetus is created?
Harone: It can come from a human donor. We call them donors, but those of you who are in fear may say it is "taken." But we have vast sperm banks. Some of the sperm may be taken from those areas.

Even if you have a partner in your life, the child may not be of his donated sperm. It may be, or it may not be.

Question: I remember seeing a six year-old child on a ship. She was with two people. She had scars on her face. I bent down to acknowledge her. It was very important for me to love this child. They said she had been sick. I said I didn't care, that I wanted to kiss her. I kissed all of the scars on her face. I felt a lot of love for her. Was she mine?
Harone: Your emotion will answer the question for you. Trust those emotions.
Question: I do trust them. If you can send your love to her, I would be grateful.
Harone: You will have an opportunity to see her again.
Question: What happens to these hybrid children as they grow up? On Earth, children who are not given love experience some very traumatic emotional difficulties. In an environment where your species is unable to give children love, what happens to them?
Harone: We have surrogate caretakers who are taken daily to the children in order to give them love. Understand the population of your planet is great. There are no shortage of loving females. Even some males provide love for these children.
Question: Are these surrogates humans who are taken in the physical state?
Harone: Yes. You asked what happens to them. Many of them do not reach maturity, which is why we are working so diligently to find the strain that will be the strain we concentrate on. Many of these do not continue and we are told to tell you that they live full lives while they exist. There is no regret. There is no sadness. But they enjoy their time that they can interact with you and receive your love and give you love in return.
Question: So you are saying they die before reaching adulthood?
Harone: Yes. There are several that are surviving but retain a weak state and those are either kept in specially created environments on a ship, or the desire for the future is to create a planetary environment in which they can populate. We are not at that stage yet.
Question: With our DNA as part of their genetics, they must be able to feel emotions to some degree. Therefore, are they happy in the environment you provide?
Harone: They radiate a calm, peace, and strong spirituality which we would consider to be happy or more content.
Question: When you say that you consider that to be happy, you are evaluating that from a standpoint of no experience. Would someone such as Bashar evaluate their emotional state as happy?
Harone: Yes. We have other species who work with us frequently, such as Pleiadians. They will evaluate it also the same.
Question: Do these children get the opportunity to bond with individuals?
Harone: Not one on one. That is not our way.
Question: Is that not useful?
Harone: It is our understanding, whether we are in error or not, that your one on one bonding with parental units are sometimes (more often than not) dysfunctional.
Question: You do sometimes have many of us come that are not in physical form to nurture the children. Is this true?
Harone: Yes.
Question: It is my understanding that the Zetas have been collecting a lot of data on codependency and addictions. Are you familiar with this?
Harone: I am familiar with some of the units that are providing information. I do not have it all in depth.
Question: Well, why all the curiosity in that area?
Harone: It is understood that when our society was dysfunctional, if we can understand dysfunction, we can understand how not to recreate it once we reestablish emotional connections. Before we were cloning, our society was highly dysfunctional and addictive. We seek to understand our past in order to move into the future.
Question: Do you have any idea what the percentages are now on our planet of people who suffer from dysfunction?
Harone: Are you sure you want to hear this? It is very high. It is within the ninetieth percentile.
Question: Are you saying that bonding in and of itself is a negative expression?
Harone: Not all bonding. It depends on the nature of the bonding.
Question: It was the positive kind of bonding that I was referring to that would be useful to the child in your environment.
Harone: My understanding, my consciousness, does not understand the idea of bonding one on one. Because, to us we are all one.
Question: I am suggesting it is possible because of our emotional nature, that without that kind of bonding, we would not have the will to survive to adulthood. That could be a possible reason why the children you have there do not grow to adulthood.
Harone: You have an idea on your planet called "kibbutz." This is not necessarily a one on one bonding, and yet the children are loved. We are certain that this is not a major role in their ceasing to function.
Question: In your research, have you explored the practice of mental/emotional profiling within the discipline of stressology?
Harone: Define.
Question: Reading a radiograph to determine conscious and subconscious emotional or mental extremes?
Harone: Some of this data has been taken, but as of yet it has not been processed. We have a wide abundance of data beyond what we can express that has still to be processed.
Question: I had an experience in '82. I remember everything except at one point my legs were being pried apart. At that point I don't remember what happened until they were ready to leave. Can you give me any information on what happened?
Harone: Simply the idea of examination that at the time your consciousness viewed to be intrusive. Thus you allowed a screen in the memory to be created so that the information would not be traumatic. Nothing harmful occurred. But at the state you were in during that time, you may have viewed it to be intrusive. That is all we can say now.
Question: I have noticed an acceleration in energy over that last few months. Where do you anticipate we will end up?
Harone: You will find that our understanding of you is not one of expectation, but we can say that the blueprint that you have outlined for yourself, the theme of this blueprint is the uncovering of that which has been submerged into the mass conscious subconscious. There will be an emergence rather than a submerging. This may be an experience that is joyful, or it may be an experience that is painful, depending upon your perceptions of these experiences and your own lives. But the theme as you pass through gateways will be the emergence of more of yourselves.
Question: We have an ego as part of being physical. A lot of our negative emotions come from our egos. Do other beings have egos?
Harone: Some of what we have learned in our studies is that those of you within third density will have more anchored ego structures. As you move into the fourth density reality, your ego structures begin meshing with other aspects of your consciousness. The ego becomes less dominant. So you will find that most third density species will have egos equally or more active than yours.

You will find generally civilizations existing within fourth density will not have such egos and the processing of negative emotions will occur in third rather than fourth.

Question: A lot of us experience our interactions with you as being quite frequent, and then all of a sudden there is no contact. Are the interactions really cyclical like that? What kinds of variables would account for this?
Harone: From our point of view, we never cease communication. Your perceived gaps in time are merely your way of orchestrating the timing. Do you understand what we mean?
Question: So it is according to one's own growth and development as to which of our time slots we will have that experience?
Harone: Exactly. Yes. In that sense, when you perceive gaps, the experiences that you are having on your quasi-physical or dreamstate level, to us it is a constant interaction.
Question: What was the planetary system of your origin, where your species deteriorated?
Harone: It is within the Lyran constellation around the star Vega.
Question: Do you still use this planet?
Harone: No, the planet is barren. We have moved to others, or we have chosen to live in space.
Question: I have a line of questioning I would like to pursue. It has to do with the quality of the detainments of children in the 1950s and 1960s. What effect has this had on them today? Is there a response on the part of the Zeta Reticuli in changing the quality or flavor of the detainments on the children of today?
Harone: We have not done anything differently in the quality of our detainments. The difference was the state of the mass consciousness. In the 1950s of your time you were still allowing yourselves to feel vulnerable. You were still allowing yourselves the possibility of being victims more thoroughly than you are now. The children that were alive then that allowed themselves to be temporarily detained were incarnate in order to play out that idea voluntarily. Through the decades, this is allowing you to come to terms with your own feelings of victimization and empowerment. You are, as you move through the decades, allowing yourself a major transformational shift. What would you like further?
Question: What we have noted in our observations is that there was a lot of psychological damage done to people being abducted--primarily due to the misunderstanding of the whole nature of the event. I can assume by your answer that the damage is not being done today as it was then?
Harone: Children that are detained today really fall in line with the idea of conscious volunteering. There is less detainment today, and much more volunteering. That reflects a species shift.

We will simply say again, thank you for allowing all of us to hold hands together, and to make the quantum leap. Our gratitude is extended to you. Good night.

Sasha: We would also like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for being such a vital part in the communication that occurred this evening. It was truly a communion. It was truly a liberation. It is a moving experience for all involved. Do not underestimate the power of your interactions with them in helping to create change. Do not underestimate all that you can give them. Again we send you our gratitude and unconditional love. From myself, and Bashar, we say happy dream lives. Good night.

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