Painting by Michael Z. Tyree.

There is a lot of discussions about the Zeta Reticulis, entities with black eyes and greyish hairless bodies, even the "Greys".

Seems the most active alien-culture here on Earth, dependent mainly on our conscious and unconscious agreements, beside the common pressure we both cultures have to balance our emotions.

The Zeta's are opening humankind new doors into a bigger reality; humankind does serve with helping Zeta's to create new bodies which re-connect Zeta's with their emotional-bodies.

As far I perceive, there are benevolent Zeta's who offer real assistance and help to experience other dimensions; and ones, who more are only interested to get DNA samples, without much care about the humans who offer it. I think, we have to learn from each other, each side has something to share, positive and opening qualities.

Zeta-Reticuli--a star system in the constellation Reticulum, visible only in the southern hemisphere

General Information and Views:

  • Manual for Surviving a Zeta Encounter (Alloya)

    Excerpt of The Mission Of The One Star by Nikki Huckfield:

    ... The Zeta are now returning to your planet in service to assist your transmutation. They are responsible for the abductions you have experienced. There is much confusion around these interactions, especially the so-called collaboration between these beings and your governments.

    The Zeta are intricately linked to the Web. The Web is a crystalline pattern that resembles a snowflake. It is a structure of thoughts. Each Zeta is an idea or a dream working as one whole unified mind. The Zeta take ideas received from the dimensions above and structure them into conceptual theories. These concepts later become experimental dimensional experiences. They dream and create dimensional realities capable of housing beings with a connection to the Web as a whole. However, these beings experience themselves as unique and singular identities. The Web is a mind structure, it is the mental mind maps of THE UNIVERSAL DREAMER. Mind maps consist of pathways that are created in the biological structure of your brains and triggered by thought patterns. The Zeta are part of the consciousness of the Universal Mind. They manifest in a form that we can imagine and relate to. The Web is the Universal Mind and the Zeta are one of its many thoughts. The Web is the Universal Oneness of everything and everyone. The Zeta appear as they do to manifest an idea or concept.

    The Zeta are an idea. As an idea they are beings from another world or worlds. This very idea pushes your buttons and allows you to face the fears around this so you can shift in consciousness. They interact with you in various ways to make you shift. In order for you to take your rightful place in the universe you have to co-operate with the Zeta to heal and transform yourselves. When a species first moves into the space beyond the confines of their world they encounter the energy of the Zeta. The Zeta do not always appear the same as humans perceive them. They create an image of themselves that the beings encountering them will relate to. They are the manifestation of the mind of the universe as you are the manifestation of the mind of Gaia. ...

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